Need You Now (How Many Times) [The Remixes] - Plumb User Reviews

  • I don't think there are enough remixes

    By 607777777777
    Lol, like them all though. (Which one to get?)
  • Ummmmm...........

    By MikeGuy75
    As much as I like Plumb......I think the remixes of a fantastic song were not needed. As much as I love EDM....this song just screams NO!
  • Fun

    By Tabby w
    I downloaded 9, for my workout playlist.
  • Another new song/remixes from Plumb?

    By allen19681
    Always perfect for the summer drives--have enjoyed her music for several years now and love when the mixes come out.
  • A version for every occasion!

    By ecclecticbrood
    there's a version of this great song for powerwalking, singing along, dancing, and praying..what more could we want ;) ?