Nielsen: Symphonies 2 & 3 - New York Philharmonic & Alan Gilbert User Reviews

  • I must diagree

    By balanced power
    I must politely disagree with Mr Boolez regarding this music - I feel that Nielson was a truly great composer - not as radical as Stravinsky but at least in the same league as Mahler or Prokofiev.. these are wonderful symphonies… I don't yet know these performances, but I can certainly say that the music played is totally first class stuff!
  • Great music

    By Zshelt0251-1992
    I've always loved classical music. This album is somewhat nostalgic.
  • Excellent

    By Collin J. Rae
    and one has to appreciate Alan Gilbert's commitment to presenting NIelsens's work. And YES there are many other fine composers from Denmark both living and deceased.
  • Fine for what it is

    By Boolez
    Gilbert and the NYP play though the lightweight of the neo-romantic symphonic literature. Nielsen was the only composer from Denmark of note, one note though it may be. It's all nice and all that, but not much depth. Gilbert and co. toss this off with ease as just about any orchestra could do. Still, it's on the record now so for those of you looking for some Nielsen to add to their collection, this isn't such a bad thing to have. -Bz

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