Notes On a Conditional Form - The 1975 User Reviews

  • It’s a no for me

    By twyyn2
    If the first three “tracks” are an indication of what’s yet to be released, I’ll pass. Sad...really...from what they started as, to become this.
  • Absolute mint.

    By Qween ofmemes
    This album is such a refined and unique taste. I am here for everything this band has to offer.
  • What happened to albums?

    By losjamie
    This stuff is ok. I appreciate what they’re doing. But, why are artist releasing albums one song at a time over the course of 6 months? It’s completely annoying? The result is, by the time the full release happens, we’ve heard (and are already tired of) a quarter or more of the album. It’s impossible to take in the album as whole piece of work because you end skipping over the stuff you’ve heard for months. It’s the weirdest new development in music marketing. There must be some financial gain because its artistically a disaster. I lost interest in the last 1975 album for the same reason. It didn’t feel whole by the time it came out.
  • Terrible first singles

    By KneelBeforeZod35
    I thought the last two albums were incredible and a giant leap forward for the band, but People is a terrible, terrible song. Hopefully not an indication of what the rest of the album holds.
  • Haters gonna hate

    By DM5150
    Look, The 1975 is NOT a band everyone is gonna “get.” That’s OK as far as I’m concerned. They are clearly NOT an American band which means there is a bit of intelligence and nuance involved. Interesting, but NOT for everyone. That’s why you have Nickelback.
  • Just because...

    By XCESSIVE1!!!
    Greta lol
  • Weird

    By TylerMorris30
    Not a fan of these tracks so far.
  • Was the song people a prank?

    By The Yeeting Cow
    Frail state of mind is a classic 1975 track happy to see them return to that style
  • Frail state of mind

    By the 1975 4ever
    Frail state of mind is THAT song, straight fire
  • What?

    By _cCooliOo_
    First off, I don’t quite understand the criticism of any kind of music being “too political” It’s art and the whole point of art is that it reflects society. It doesn’t all have to be about one topic. I really enjoyed the statements made in both the opening tracks as they have a dark but heavy and important message, and the instrumental and vocals on people is killer. Very excited about what this band is doing. Can’t wait to hear what they come out with political or not.