NOW That's What I Call Music, Vol. 66 - Various Artists User Reviews

  • 🤙🏽 All Good 🤙🏽

    By UZ37
  • Add more!!!!!

    By kayla😀🦄🌺❄️🍭🍬🎧🎤💎
    There is soooo much more songs that should of been added. But I listened to all the songs listed and I was impressed you added them. Again, you can improve next time by adding more songs. I would still rate it a 3 though.....
  • Meh not all he sings I would listen to but it still works...

    By dus kipa fan
    It still has some of my favorite songs
  • Awesome

    By Mikey Pomilio
    Great songs!
  • Now 66

    By ᏆᏆ
    I love every song on the album.These songs are my fav🤩
  • 8/10

    By datrandomdude😎
    I think this is a great album, there are a lot of great songs on this, such as The Middle, No Excuses, Wait, and a lot others. But Sky Walker and Sick Boy should NOT of been on here. Now You Make it Easy, I wouldn’t call it a bad song, it just doesn’t feel right for it to be in an album that was made for Pop. Maybe songs like How Long, Meant to be, and No Tears Left to Cry will be on Now 67.
  • About this

    By imthatbee
    Well I’m listening to it right now and I’m going to give it a 5star because I’m a fan of them
  • Migos

    By jdjdkdkdjeirlfjjxh
    Stir Fry Fav Song Ever
  • All mainstream trash

    By Quack McDuck
    Couldn’t they get songs from different genres?
  • DEMI yes

    By 1# Demi fan!!!!!!!
    Thank you thank you for being smart and adding DEMI