OK Computer - Radiohead User Reviews

  • Musical masterpiece

    By Ajp2gggog
    Abstract and beautifully crafted emotion. Intentionally different than the typical commercial pop-rock. A legendary recording!
  • Timeless

    By High Row Man See Ya'
    An Album Of A Generation... Simply Classic. A Masterpiece. This Is Art, Innovation, And Critically Creative Thought In It’s Purest Form.
  • Ok Computer

    By Sans Undertaker
    Probably my favorite album of all time
  • An all-time classic

    By ExileOnDaytonStreet
    It’s a classic mistake to oversell something. Nothing can live up to that hype, even our favorite records. But this is an AMAZING record. Start with track one, close your eyes and enjoy. These songs are richly detailed, with interwoven melodies and digital/effects accents galore. Repeat listening is a very rewarding experience, and each track has many layers to them that keep them fresh even when you’ve heard them dozens of times. Personal favorites: Let Down, Paranoid Android, The Tourist, Airbag, No Surprises.
  • Classic

    By Swagreninja
  • Genius

    By Pop Punk hunk
    One of the greatest albums of all time.
  • Greatest album ever written

    By Jolobro64
    The flow from track to track is perfect and the songs are gifts from god.
  • Simply Flawless

    By ToasterRepairGuy
    There's no negatives to this album. Yopu have to listen start to finish or you'll never get it. When you do get it, you'll simply consider it a classic on all levels. Yes...one of the greatest albums of all time!
  • No way

    By 2Back44
    Greatest album of all time???? Lol. Moaning isn’t music.
  • Best album of the year!

    By Pkuelz
    Oh, my gosh, this album gives me chills, Paranoid Android is such a standout like Karma Police and Exit Music. Fitter happier is creepy, but good. I recommend buying this album!

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