One More from the Road (Live) [Expanded Edition] - Lynyrd Skynyrd User Reviews

  • Soundtrack to my childhood

    By Kristen04
    Even as a child I loved this album!My older brother baptized me in 70's rock!As the eighties came and went still blasted at parties and in my car from albums to tapes then cd's!Never gets old,only me but I still got Skynyrd
  • Good times

    By Intro puke passion e
    I wore my cassette tape out of this version I loved it so much. But I wish somebody could remaster it in a way where it had some power . With all the technology out there can somebody make this thing sounds full! Sounds like a bootleg
  • RVZ Lynyrd Skynyrd

    By Got The Allman Bros Blues1
    This is Lynyrd Skynyrd at the top of their game!! Every one of the songs on this album are Classic Skynyrd staples of the RVZ era....Steve Gaines joins the band.... And pushes the rest of the band into a different gear........ When the airplane went down in Oct 1977 in a Mississippi swamp.... It also took Americas greatest Rock N' Roll Band with it! R.I.P *side note* I'm not hating on the present day Lynyrd Skynyrd.... Just saying RVZ's Lynyrd Skynyrd was a bad a** band! That's it!!

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