Only Human (Deluxe) - Calum Scott User Reviews


    By Lizzie Murcia
    Hotel Room is def my favorite on this album. Super fun summer time bop album!!
  • Worth the album purchase

    By Jack n Gertie
    Perusing Facebook, I stumbled down the video rabbit hole. You know how it is, you watch one cat video and 4 hours later you’ve seen everything from glass blowing to surgical procedures. But I digress... on one of these video binges, I happened across a guy singing Dancing On My Own on one of those TV talent shows and was blown away. The video didn’t have his name so I had to dig through the comments - and I am so glad I did! Bought this album after just watching the video and every song is great! I look forward to following this guy’s future work and hope he tours in the U.S.
  • Amazing!

    By pkern1512
    Love this album! Amazing voice and talent.
  • Wow!

    By junsup22
    Love the tone in his voice! Super cute too
  • Stunning

    By Arbiter1983
    We’ve waited so long and it was worth the wait! So proud of Callum!
  • Spectacular

    By HouTXGuy77006
    Calum is a natural. He was born to sing. His voice reaches into your heart & soul and changes you. He’s absolutely spectacular!
  • Worth the Wait - After nearly 3 years after BGT

    By polydude1962
    I enjoyed the entire album from beginning to end. Calum's emotion and passion is present in each of his songs. Every song tells a story and will evoke emotions - especially if you have been in a similar situation. There is enough variety and up tempo songs to show-case Calum's vocal talent (I was relieved that the album wasn't an all ballad album). "Not Dark Yet" show-cased Calum's abilty to sing blues/folk type music. My favorite songs (in addition to the released popular hits "Dancing on my Own" and "You are the reason") are: "Come Back Home", "Only You", and "Hotel Room". I liked them all. A great first album from Calum. Enjoy!
  • In Short - an Amazing Talent - read on...

    By John_D.
    My musical taste runs from Classical to Rock, to Pop, to Hard Rock - and pretty much everything in between. And so, this is my review of this album... It is amazing - and should be part of the Top of 2018. To be exact, the song "Dancing On My Own" will stop you in your tracks. And this album goes much further - from a simple ballad like "Won't Let You Down" will get you beliving talent still exists in this generation, especially given the vocal range. "Hotel Room" will bring back the resonating tunes that this artist will be well known for going forward. There isn't a single "bad" track in this album. Buy it - put on your best set of earbuds/headphones - and simply enjoy the sound and immersion into the soul of a new vocal artist.
  • Spot on!

    By jotograph
    It is wonderful to hear this album. Dreams do come true for Calum and us. Perfect in every way
  • Neo2020

    By shosam87
    Calum Scott’s debut album Only Human is impressive. I love all the songs and the sentiments left by his lyrics in his music is simply amazing.

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