Only Human (Deluxe) - Calum Scott User Reviews


    By Tango1school
    I have been watching Calum since his Britain’s Got Talent performance. I think he is so amazing and has one of the greats local talents I have ever heard. I am proud and happy to support him through my record purchase! About time! ;-) Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us and well wishes to your family.
  • I love this album

    By rtahn
    I love
  • His Album .... Only Human

    By vitvb
    His album makes me forget about everything negative in life! I’m in love with his voice and him as a person. His music just touches my soul❤️
  • Love his voice

    By antonio782134
    I can listen to him all day
  • On my own

    By Jeannie hart
    Heart wrenched song fantastic.
  • Love the music

    By Chingningtay
    Great voice and songs, but am I the only one who keeps thinking of Sam Smith when I listen to him?

    By Lizzie Murcia
    Hotel Room is def my favorite on this album. Super fun summer time bop album!!
  • Worth the album purchase

    By Jack n Gertie
    Perusing Facebook, I stumbled down the video rabbit hole. You know how it is, you watch one cat video and 4 hours later you’ve seen everything from glass blowing to surgical procedures. But I digress... on one of these video binges, I happened across a guy singing Dancing On My Own on one of those TV talent shows and was blown away. The video didn’t have his name so I had to dig through the comments - and I am so glad I did! Bought this album after just watching the video and every song is great! I look forward to following this guy’s future work and hope he tours in the U.S.
  • Amazing!

    By pkern1512
    Love this album! Amazing voice and talent.
  • Wow!

    By junsup22
    Love the tone in his voice! Super cute too