Origins - Imagine Dragons User Reviews

  • The same as all Imagine Dragons albums, AMAZING!!!!

    By Stolan-metal
    Listened to it many times so far and love it!
  • Wow!

    By cats rule forever
    Really good, I mean, ZERO? NATURAL?? Bam! What? Now that’s what I call a success
  • Best songs

    1. Bad liar- the song is amazing and it really opens you up to dans world 2. Machine- you can really get fired up with this song and the vocals are killer 3.Zero- it came close but it was just enough to get in my top 3. At first I thought it was kinda weird but then I heard it more and realized the deeper meaning 4.Natural- it was close to Zero but not enough to tie up with it. The song is great but not really their style
  • You pick the title for this review

    By killjoyfunjinx
    Oky so I don’t usually like imagine dragons but this album was amazing!!! Except for west coast, that was really bad xD
  • Bland

    By The prsn
    The whole album sounds the same to me
  • “””Rock band”””

    By thrashmaniac6
    More mainstream billboard crap. Move along, nothing to see here.
  • Better than the last album

    By Fireace08
    Last album was a little disappointing, they made up for it on this one. Songs like bullet in a gun are my favorite.
  • WAAAY better than Coldplay

    By a person who likes metal music
    Used to be into Coldplay, but their sluggish, melancholy vibe gets real boring real fast. IMAGINE DRAGONS on the other hand, have youthful energy to them. Their sound is more motivated and makes good workout music. They are also much more versatile in terms of instrumentals. They use a wide range of instruments and synths and this just adds to the reason why they’re better than most alternative music. PS. I don’t have anything against Coldplay, but I gotta say that they lost that energetic, fun sound after MYLO XYLOTO.
  • stop please

    By LitCityBeats
    the only people that like you are 9 year old children
  • Aidan

    By Aidanwhitten
    It’s a bit of a different album for Imagine Dragons. Natural is the classic Imagine Dragons song but West Coast and Stuck were pleasant surprises.