Out of the Badlands - Aaron Gillespie User Reviews

  • Great Album, Not a Worship Album

    By Zaibrik
    This album is composed of a lot of his previous work in both Underoath and The Almost, but with a different twist. This album is NOT a worship album, and it never set out to be one. It is labeled as a Alternative album. I would still recomend listening to it if you have listened to Aaron's old stuff!
  • Honest.

    By KitKatKiller7
    These songs are my favoritet songs Aaron has made as a solo artist. So honest and raw, and 100% from the heart.
  • Great album!

    By Kickin' chick
    My husband introduced me to Aaron's work and I am so glad he did. I appreciate the talent in UO but I enjoy this album even more. I am a Christian and a sinner. Stop judging and enjoy the music.
  • Disappointed

    By Slackerkid554
    This album is highly disappointing. As a long time follower of Aaron Gillespie, I had high hopes as always. These songs are depressing and aren't very good all together. I'm disappointed in the few curse words throughout the album, not because he's a proclaimed Christian artist, but because life and death are in the power of the tongue and you have to be intentional when writing a swear word in a song. I wouldn't recommend this album.
  • As great as Aaron has always been

    By Thomas914
    I find it hilarious that there are folks out there with the "Christians don't cuss." Get over yourselves. Faith doesn't dictate language. Aaron is as good of an artist as they come. I'll always be taken back to 2000, the first time I listened to UO. To see this man change through the years has been great because he's only gotten better and improve his music. Fantastic listen for those without preconceived notions of what faith you should have or what walk of life you should be in. Awesome work as always Mr Gillespie. Keep it up & Hang in there buddy.
  • Real and uncensorred

    By Been Thru It
    I have been a UO fan for about 15 years and a fan of Aaron for about 10. I heard him musically go through many styles and changes. Just like the rest of us he grows in his relationships, both with people and God and I think this album helps express some of that. UO is still part of him, but there is more to him than that. For a while I thought he might have gone full on churchy :(, but I think he does not see the value in that anymore than being fully away from the body either. I can definitely relate to this album and feel itl sums up where he may be at in his walk and where I am at a little myself. The only negative, MORE SONGS BROTHA!!!
  • Love first

    By Music-Aspirer
    Show me where in the bible it says "thou shalt not cuss." You will not find it. Contrariwise, bible says that out of the mouth proceeds the things of the heart. In my response, I say, this is where Christians and music collide. Aaron Galispie is no less a Christian than he was yesterday; and he has always been a musician. Musicians speak from the heart, you have to engage your heart to understand. Let me make this clear that I don't prefer cuss words in music either, which is why I filter my music library strictly. But I would never judge Aaron Galispie on his lyric choices. As Billy Graham once said, It is God's job to judge, and mine to love.
  • Awesome album - powerful songs

    By Switch96
    Awesome album - powerful songs
  • New album!

    By thisgirlplz
    I'm a huge The Almost fan, and liked listening to Underoath. I got the chance to see Aaron do an acoustic show in Alabama, and was super please. This, as someone said in another review, is a "raw" version of what awesome, God given talent he has. As for the person who says a Christian shouldn't cuss, a Christian shouldn't judge. I slip daily on my language, but we are all human. Keep it up Aaron! I love the album, and will always support your music!
  • Out of the Badlands

    By Ryan_W.
    After reading all of the negative reviews for this I decided I should give my opinion. As an avid music listener this is one of Aaron's best work. He cusses so I'll say it's bad? That's ridiculous and shows how immature people are. The reworks are fantastic, the originals are great too. The production work is top notch and this should be in every one of y'alls playlist. Be opened minded that's what music is all about and Aaron showed that on this album.