Outlaws 'til the End, Vol. 1 - DevilDriver User Reviews

  • Passionate

    By The_real_Michael_Myers
    I’ve heard people tell me country music makes you feel a lot of things, but I could never really see what they were saying. This take on classic country songs really makes me see exactly what they’re talking about; especially in A Thousand Miles From Nowhere. Great stuff in my opinion
  • Hate it or love it?

    By FluffyRazors
    First listen through I didn't care for it. Played a few songs here and there, now I am totally into this album. I'm stoked that DD chose to mix it up. Personally I thought Trust no one sounded kinda stale, like an addendum to Winter kills. This album stands alone! Definitely unique and I love it!
  • Finally!

    By Deadly Davy
    This is a superb example of a great heavy metal band covering some of classic country’s finest songs. It is long overdue and I am so pleased that DD created this compilation. But still...no Charlie Daniels “The Devil Went down to Georgia”, or Johnny Cash’s (with Nelson, Jennings, and Christopherson)”The Highwayman”...?
  • What?!

    By Vambonious
    This is trash. Straight trash. It’s like it’s not even them anymore. No more biblical destruction, no more ruthless rhythms, that’s all gone. This is the 3rd stinker now from them (Beast, Trust No One, now this. Winter Kills was ok) and it legitimately breaks my heart. I would’ve rather them just broke up than hear it come to this.
  • wheres the music

    By real artist1
    all screems no tallent so sad........
  • Country needs to be left country

    By atlas369
    This is awful. I tried so hard to like this album but can’t. It’s just all sounds terrible. The lyrics and beats just don’t mesh. It just sounds like s**t. DevilDriver needs to stick to there own music and make something fresh rather than make a country cover album. The least you could’ve done was cover some old rock song, but country. Come on man.
  • Garbage

    By JuzAnotherMetalFan
    Plenty of other great metal bands to listen to. This is so boring.
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    By muhemnr vh. l
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  • Bold

    By Metal Heads
    I think it sounds amazing great job cause it is hard covering these songs like this. I like the album the more I listen to it. I recoommend it give it a listen there are some amazing guest vocalist on here. Great Job Devil Driver. Heavy!
  • Album & song titles seemed cool, but...

    By MtMarker
    It’s metal. They completely screwed up everything good with GRITS, it’s just a wall of noise. Why does anyone enjoy being yelled at by an angry man with a wall of noise behind him? Different tastes I suppose, I’m not meaning to act like people’s opinions are wrong. But holy cow I hate this

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