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  • Wow...

    By Sooners1890
    Well I lost a lot of hope after hearing the mountain. And after hearing this whole album I’m blown away by just how awful it actually is. Been a die hard tdg fan for a long time and this disappoints me to no end. Literally not a single good song on the album.
  • I Hate Everything About.. This Album

    By Shelby25
    It pains me to leave this review because I’ve been a Three Days Grace fan for as far as I can remember. I own all of their albums. I once met the band at a meet and great. I’ve seen them in concert twice, with and without Adam Gontier. And to be honest, Matt Walst is a very good singer when it comes to live shows. I also followed My Darkest Days long before they signed their first record deal, so don’t misinterpret what I’m about to say because of the hate fans display towards Matt’s inclusion in the band. I’m not one of the haters. This album is bad. It’s really bad. The content Three Days Grace have been releasing over the years has progressively gotten worse with One X being the sole exception. When Human came out in 2015 I wasn’t too thrilled, but I also wasn’t ready to throw in the towel on this band just yet. Human kept me interested enough to remain a die hard fan. I was still looking forward to the new material they would release in the future. Then 2018 came. I previewed Outsider on iTunes before purchasing the album, and by first listen I was not impressed. I thought, “Hey, maybe it’ll grow on me the more I listen to it.” So I made the purchase. “The Mountain” is okay but gets boring very fast. “The New Real” is probably the only song on the entire album worth giving a listen to. The beats are generic. The lyrics are generic. My iPhone even goes as far to label the album as a pop record. As I said once before, it pains me to say this, but these gentlemen are only still around because of the successful hits they had in the past. R.I.P. Three Days Grace (1997-2018)
  • Awesome!!!!!

    By SpeedyDash1
  • Adam...

    By Rjart14
    I know we shouldn’t keep lamenting over the fact that the old singer is gone, but it’s hard not to when this new guy emulates the 3dg sound pretty well, but completely forgets the passion, making 3dg a shell of what they used to be, 2 stars because the new guy is talented and I like Love me or Leave me and The Abyss
  • Getting there!

    By Kotahrae
    Hasn’t been the same without Adam. This album is only slightly better than the last.
  • Just not good.

    By LoganCiappa
    The last album was good, had a lot of melodic tracks. This one? Just not good. Im a die hard TDG fan and this REALLY disappoints. Doesnt even feel like they care anymore.
  • It's Fine, But I'm Bored

    By Ezekiel Scarecrow
    After all these years, Three Days Grace's debut album is STILL the only one that separates itself from the rest. And I mean that in a good way, it was darker and had a noticeably more somber tone to it. It's my favorite of all their albums. Their style changed when they put out the album One-X, which wasn't bad, all bands do it eventually. But since then it feels like they've released virtually the same album every release since. I feel like I've heard all these songs somewhere before, and while I can appreciate the fact they're sticking to their base, I really want to see them do something different. Be experimental again! These guys are like forty, the band should evolve as they age, I don't believe for a second they have the same problems they did when they were 20. Two words: impress me.
  • Solid!!

    By PDevir
    Not to take away from Human, but this is the Three Days Grace album I was expecting when I was waiting for Human. It’s a really consistent record with Matt Walst’s performance fitting right into the heavy hitting instruments, more so than the previous effort. Every song is enjoyable and any fan of TDG or rock in general should give this one a chance!!
  • Three Days Grace is done.

    By Oni Enzeru
    Go find Saint Asonia ( Adam’s new band ) if you want that original TDG feel and thank me later. I like a few tunes from this, but everything is so over processed on the vocals I can’t take it anymore.
  • On par for the new frontman

    By 100987567
    During Transit of Venus, the band started dipping it’s toes into a more electronic sound, and it seems to be what the band is sticking with. I imagine some people like it, and to each their own, but it’s not my cup of tea. With a combination of losing Adam’s vocals, going more heavily into that techno sound, and seemingly excessively dramatic, repetitive, monotonous songs, I think I am done with their music. Maybe it’s just that I grew out of my teen angst around the time Adam split, but I think it’s more likely that these songs just aren’t good. Matt just sounds like a whiny brat to me, not an amazing vocalist.