Piano and Cello Duet - Brian Crain User Reviews

  • Why isn’t piano opus on iTunes

    By fajkfjd;
    I really like this album because of the combination of piano and the violin. But I really want the piano opus album because it was just piano and I love the songs on there. So please consider putting the album onto iTunes.
  • Speechless.

    By Irqxuser
    Breathtaking...literally for a few moments. I listened to half a song and bought the album. An emotional rush of music. Euphony at its' best.
  • Brian crain

    By DarkCello
    This man has a way of making songs like spring waltz sound like you are in a dream, a fairy tale. The sound is rich and it's like you are transported to a other place. the song tells a story. but of what? who knows it can be whatever you can think up.
  • Lyrical

    By Da Sox
    This is emotion expressed through music writ large. Beautiful. Great music for a bit of self reflection. Like a soundtrack for life.
  • Beautiful!

    By Shelabel
    I love Brian Crain's work. My favorite song is song for sienna. He does such a great job. I love the peaceful feeling his music brings.
  • Beautiful.

    By Ryroge
    Absolutely the most Delicately gorgeous sounds. I love this album and the way the cello and violin work together. Wonderful album!
  • Brian Crain

    By Killahari
    Brian Crain is the best writer of music ever, I have not heard a better composition than his song for Sienna. He even sells his sheet music, how cool is that?
  • Absolutely...

    By musician/athlete at the same time
    Amazing. To have two beautiful sounding instruments together like this just makes all of the pieces so complete. I play both piano and cello, piano more dominantly so this album is perfect to listen to. There is so much emotion involved and I can connect so much to it. Again, exhilarating.
  • brilliant!

    By Stephyy08
    i absolutly love brian crain. i think he is brilliant and i dont know what i would do without his music.
  • Exceptional Music

    By Crimson Penguin
    The cello expressively soars over the calm piano melodies--both instruments have their moments to shine in this well balanced, beautiful album.

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