PSY 8th 4X2=8 - PSY

PSY 8th 4X2=8 - PSY


  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-05-10
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2017 YG Entertainment

PSY 8th 4X2=8 - PSY Tracks

PSY 8th 4X2=8 - PSY User Reviews

  • 4+2=8 :D

    By kchiatt
    FINALLY He is back with album 8 I was starting to lose my fanship for SI but he's back I hope he will make it to album 10 soon :D
  • Love Psy!!

    By SakuraBlossoms2
    His new album is great, love the lyrics in the songs I LUV IT and FACT. Psy is such a unique artist <3 Let's continue supporting him!
  • 朴载相新专很好听啊!

    By R. Lyu
    继承了Gangnam Style和Gentleman的风格。
  • 미국(美國)버클리 음대 수석졸업생 출신 천재 음악가¡

    By Lheéi-LhaåiHyiunn.
    ll 미국(美國) 버클리 음대 수석졸업생 출신 천재 음악가, PSY¡ "뉴페이스."(17')
  • I love it

    By Lorena loves everyone equally
    I love it. So good. Very great album thank you psy and all featured in this song.💛
  • Buy it

    By morningblackcoffee
    It is so worth it! perfect song while driving
  • I just can’t.....

    By Doyle Hinson
    Please.....finally.....go......away. Sigh.
  • Like it luv it

    By ykim789
    Like it luv it
  • he's back with real songs

    By Qpwoeitut
    love this album. should listen to "new face" and "i luv it"
  • Psy is back!

    By Pineapple_Orc
    I fell in-love with FACT the first time I heard it. I listened to it again with the English subs and was blown tf away. My favorite track in this album. You go Psy, tell 'em! 🙌🏽 Also a plus with GD on it. They both do some heavy spittin' on that. My other two faves are NEW FACE and REFUGE. REVERSE is good too. I've yet to really listen to the rest but just had to comment on the badassery that is FACT. That's my jam!! Good job PSY! May you be blessed always! Much love from a PSYcho in Hawaii(: