PSY from the Psycho World - PSY User Reviews

  • PSY - 1 Album!!!!!!! :)

    By 간 크리스 영엉 이익
    I love PSY in anyway but not in a gay way. But his first album is of the hook and of course Psycho of course. Although I have a copy of the album and I love it so so so much! Ssa2 and 3 Mai is awesome and psycho as hell but PSY I hope you come out with PSY 6 Six Rules Part 2 because I need it RIGHT NOW!
  • ?

    By Thehiltyfamily
    I love sex?
  • PSY!

    By My mommmmmm
    I thought you were cool I've lost a little bit of respect for you that's how bad some of the music was
  • Kpop isn

    By Wailing Butcher
    I love how "old school kpop" is 2001, haha. But I really dig PSY's style. He has a bit of an old school rap sound, like late 80s esque beats with smoother but still really confident rapping
  • PSY!

    By karebare316
    its so great that their finally adding old school kpop! almost all of Psy's albums are on here now! could you guys add kim ji eun, 1tym, jinusean, moogadang, h.o.t, uhm jung hwa and other old school artists? that would be great!