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  • optimo is dha best !

    By misz3o5
    i seen dhem live ! and they are tha best ! like O.d. ! dhere sOnqs jus catch On ; nd yOuh can relate tO them :] OptimO is my new favOrite bachata qrOup ! if yOuh aqree click yes :]
  • Mas Por Favor

    By Unperro
    The only bad thing about this cd is that it was just released in 07 which likely means there won't be another for some time. This is the freshest bachata I've heard in a long time. Que bueno
  • wow

    By Jose413
    are you kidding me have work to do?these guys actually can sing rather than whisper like aventura.and its hard to skip a track in this one awesome job optimum!
  • I like their music.

    By fuego69
    I like this group very much. I think it has a different style from the other bachata groups. My favorite song "Falta Amor".
  • my faves!

    By Chappy1231
    from beginning to end...its good! Each track is one to listen to and take to heart! gotta love that they remade the bee gee's! never heard it done..its HOT!
  • Optimo's first release is a HIT!!

    By Chia Chia
    I can listen to every track on this album, and not want to skip one! I can't wait to see them live. Falta Amor is destined to be a hit as well as the first single Conectate. Tico's bilingual singing and the stellar beats and band make this a classic album you don't want to miss. Well worth the purchase!!
  • Optimo's Music

    By jess pipis
    Optimos music is fantastic, if you want to listen to romantic bachta songs than this CD is perfect for you. I love this CD especially the songs Te Va Mal and Quince Anos. Thier music actually makes sence unlike other artists where they have okay music but it's not a hit.
  • good new generation bachata

    By rmaballer21
    some good songs on the album. conectate is my favorite one. good new band but got a lot of work to do before they become greats like Aventura.

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