Raised on Radio - Journey User Reviews


    By artistrobertstewart
    I like what I heard.
  • A Band Torn by musical ideas

    By BJD01
    Journey Was tearing at the seams by the time Raised on radio came out and i sadly dont blame anyone for trying Steve perrys mom was dying and it shows the strain on the band to write another hit Its a ok if solid album Best tracks are as follows but before I metion that the different drummers and bass players killed the album flow in my opinion Best tracks 1. Girl Cant Help it 2. why cant this night go on forever 3. Suzane 4.Be good to yourself 5. Ounce you love somebody 6 and finally Ill be alright without you the other songs should have been dropped honestly and i love street talk as its a little more diverse but perry as a producer doesnt work as well as kevin elson and mike clay stone
  • I freakin' LOVE this album!!!

    By Kmanwwe
    I had got this album as a Christmas present and I have not stopped loving this album! I am Journey obsessed,so I know a lot of their albums,this one,is in the top 3!!!
  • Awesome album!

    By BFMVdrummer
    Amazing album. I've listened to it like 100 times all the way through. Man I wish I lived in the 80s! The sound quality on vinyl is so much better though and everything is so crisp. Much better sound than mp3's can offer.
  • GREAT!!!

    By Hanford Homey
    This album like the others is no exception to perfection. Plus the cover shows a place in Perry's old stomping grounds which is located off Hwy 198 in Kings county Hanford California. It is a portuguese radio station with the two towers on both sides.
  • RoR

    By Kittygirl02
    Steve Perry is the voice!!!! Playing it on repeat right now lol
  • Journeys best cd

    By halo3450
    Love raised on radio. Best song Suzanne listen towards the end when he sings "Suzanne, don't walk away, I love you Suzanne! Hauntingly beautiful. You can actually hear pure emotion in that song. Never realized it before until I got some good headphones and cranked it up. Mr. Perry we need more music from you.
  • Probably my favorite

    By RockStar
    Dissed by long time Journey fans as "too formulaic and pop" - it was the first Journey album I was old enough to truly appreciate. I was in junior high...and "I'll be alright without you" was my theme song for a while. Now as an adult, this still may be my favorite Journey album...with my favorite Journey song..."Be Good To Yourself" - Steve Perry's voice from 2:15 to 2:22 does something to me that no other Journey song (and maybe no other song period) does...
  • Still the best ever

    By Scootr68
    This album brings back so may memories for me as I was a senior in high school when ROR was released. Every song is great, Steve Perry was the man! There will never be another group like this. My eleven year old son loves Journey and its great to pass along some of my musical interests to him. As long as the younger generation still listens, Journey will always live!

    By ajkadolph1
    One of the best albums from Journey! Fav song- BE GOOD TO YOURSELF

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