Raising the Bar - Terri Clark User Reviews

  • Yes, some Real Country!

    By Kit-Kat8985
    Yes, Terri Clark is real country, been waiting a long time for new music! Love Terri!!!!
  • Incredible

    By shn98474594
    It's pretty great to hear Terri Clark return with a new album. Have loved her from the start, and this album is perhaps her best yet. Songs like "Weddings, Funerals, and Empty Hotel Bars" and "Better Than I Was" are full of depth and substance, emerging from an artist who has reflected on life and her experiences and has come to terms with what it means to be human. The genuine struggles and tears feel real, and the insights gained from those struggles (and put into song) feel hard-won but won all the same. Terri Clark really has raised the bar on what it means to be a country artist in 2018, and what a pleasure it is to hear this album. THANK YOU, Terri!
  • Raising the Bar

    By noze
    Just send her the Grammy Award now. A flawless music experience.
  • One of Her best

    By terclark66
    This is long overdue and one of her best! Solid Country Music, Killing It TC!
  • Finally!!!

    By fossmom
    I am so excited this girls back on the radio!!
  • Hey

    By maddmadd1000
  • She definitely raised the bar with this album!!!

    By Netabeer
    After just one listen of the complete album it has become my new favorite album from her... and I never thought she could top Fearless... this is a must have for any country music fan!!!!
  • Miss Clark Raises The Bar

    By Nick Berry
    She’s always found good songs that suit her voice. And has always been under rated. I love that she’s making her own music without the restrictions of a label. True talent, and superstar.
  • Raised the bar again

    By bmolinar
    Another great album. Keep them coming Terri, I love all the songs on this album. You raised the bar from your last album.
  • Love love love love love

    By SydneyMarie94
    Killing it as usual!!