Rearview Town - Jason Aldean User Reviews

  • Scott W.

    By Kennnnnnn3
    Jason aldean alright Dont like Miranda Lamberts voice Too babyish and whinny Dissappointed
  • Rearview Town!!

    By HU4L7809
    It has been 7 months since Rearview Town was released and I still listen to it at least once a day. His best album by far.
  • Country music fan

    By mini dachsund mom
    Very disappointed with his new album don’t want to download anything
  • Garbage

    By nospanku
    To make it worse u add Miranda Lambert lol
  • love the new stuff

    By MillerMom!
    love the new music and the vibes it has. keep it up, jason!
  • More Music to Enjoy

    By RG6476
    I have Never been apart of the Crowd that follows in liking what everyone else does, and judging by the past comments, I think it still holds true. Didn’t care for Jason when I first heard him, much like a good portion of LB’s music at first, but more & more, both Artists have grown with their different albums. I like this new Album from Jason, as to me he’s a Combination of Country, Rock, & a Smidge of Hip-Hop thrown in to really Kick things up abit. Nope not for everyone, & there’s nothing wrong with that.. Great Job, & hard not to pick up afew of my so far Favorites off of iTunes, & I was trying to boycott them. Dammit. Oh Well.
  • Horrid

    By Pffgyg
  • Ain’t nothing but a Rearview Town

    By DanTNT16
    Great album, the album explains my life in a album, this is awesome! Preordered it was awesome! Thanks Jason Aldean for making such an amazing album!
  • He did it again!

    By 2beansInaPOD
    The whole album is awesome!
  • Awesome

    By chubup
    5++++ stars If this is not album of the year in country it’s because the old school country haters hold it back from getting the award. Great album every song first to last . Let’s get blacktop gone 👍