Rebel Heart (Deluxe) - Madonna User Reviews

  • Ha

    By sandarella07
    Photo is so photoshopped

    By new player2015
  • Side 1: Rebel Side 2: Heart

    By Chadly G
    Someone recommended the other day that the album sounds much better if you change the song order so that the louder, faster, more rebellious songs come first then fade into a more thoughtful heartfelt side 2 for the ballads and romantic tracks.
  • Best effort in a decade

    By Vman12
    What is best about this album is the production value, the lyrical integrity and the experimentation of different sounds and styles. This was a risky project and in the end was a very well done effort. Very underrated! It deserves a listen from anyone who likes hip-hop and pop.
  • Brilliant

    By Bubblefly
    I love all the tracks/album as a whole rather than just a few songs.
  • Yaaaasss my idol

    By selenatordangerouswoman310
    Queen SLAYED 💙🔥👑😍
  • I'm Not Into Pop

    By Yman27
    I do not usually but pop albums, but i was looking for something fresh and new, besides the Lady GAGAs and Katy Perry so i was looking at some of the artist that i haven't took a ear to in a long time and THEN THIS ALBUM CAME INTO VIEW, THIS ALBUM IS INCREDIBLE SHE SOUNDS BETTER THAN THE YOUNGER ARTIST I GIVE THIS ALBUM A RATING OF 10STARS
  • Cringe-worthy

    By CMT001
    I was a teenager in the 80's and I grew up on music of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and many other fine and truly talented 80's atrists. I’ve listened to this mess a few times - I forced myself. I really wanted to give it a chance, however the album is synthetic (industrial quntities of auto-tune), uninspired, and simply boring with no redeeming qualities to speak of. This is not even dead cat bounce at this point. Her career is over. Someone please finally tell her that. She embarrasses herself with this "I'm still relevant" delusion. At 56 years of age, Madonna is simply too old to be interesting to the public in any capacity, but it seems that nobody told her that and she's clearly too delusional to figure it out on her own. 56 is NOT the new 31. She sounds desperate, old and tired in this album. She sounds her age. Sure, it will bring in a few dollar$, but it will also create some cringeworthy someone passing gas right before they leave the room. I sincerely hope she doesn't release any more "new" music. The 80's are history and so is her career. This auto-tuned mess is borderline embarasing already. Some artists can capably perform well into their autumn years, and some should just fade away after their 15 or 30 minutes of fame and money. It's time for Madonna to retire, permanently. Somebody please tell her agent to convince her that it really is over. Reality check: The 80's ended almost 3 decades ago.
  • Solid but not outstanding

    By jlongo09
    I love Madonna. This is easily her best album (by some distance) since Confessions. That being said, she’s not reinventing the wheel here. She works best on this album making towering, robotic bangers—see: “Bitch I’m Madonna,” “Illuminati,” “Iconic,” “Inside Out”—and she falters here with heartfelt ballads robbed of soul via Autotune—see: “Ghosttown,” “Joan of Arc,” “Rebel Heart.” I do enjoy this album a lot but she’s lost the plot, regrettably, a bit.
  • love love love

    By postxtito
    love and relish all the haters,,,,,,by the way "Body Shop" - such an awsome Song !!! love it !!

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