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  • "BAD GIRL!!!" from a disappointed fan!

    By MichaelTronn
    Can you please do another innovative album like “Ray of Light" or “Music”? You were so intelligent, interesting, creative and innovative then, and sincere sounding. Now you just seem like you’re having a crisis and are uncertain of who to be or what to create, what to release and how to share it. Even the videos and photography for Rebel Heart are awful. And your new website is lame. You at Interscope have taken the best of Madonna out of Madonna. Madonna is an artist with an unprecedented history and influence and it replaced with very apparent desperation to remain youthful and pop. Why? Having Madonna evolve into a John Lennon, Stevie Knicks, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman with an electronica edge makes sense. Madonna acting a fool is only embarrassing. And as the one and only artist with such power and innovation, the inclusion of a circus of other personalities, some relevant, some irrelevant (such as Mike Tyson) is unnecessary and weird seeming. The singles were also awful. The tracks that were intended to be on the “Heart” CD in what was to be a 2 CD set should have been the album, instead many great and powerful songs were cut and replaced with forgettable trash. And lastly, the demos are better than the “finished” cuts, originally raw and real and replaced with overproduced noise. #Bitch this is your last chance!!!
  • 1star only because I use to like u! But this Album deserves 0 stars

    By Dieselboi027
    Sorry excuse of a album! Please Madge, I know u have another "Ray of Light" in you! Be a trend setter not a follower!!!!!!
  • אלבום חצי מעולה

    By Za290
    רוב השירים טובים אבל יש שירים שאפשר לזרוק לפח וחבל. לדעתי חלק מהשירים בדמו היא פשוט שינתה לרעה
  • This Gets Better With Each Listen

    By ToddScottsdale
    I don’t think anyone should review REBEL HEAR until they have heard it multiple times. I’ll admit that I struggled with it at first. Some of the more uptempo songs I struggled with because they were just too hard and, in my opinion, seemed like Madonna was trying to hard to be “current” rather than just doing what she does best. That being sad, once I listened through a few times I started to hone in on some of the hooks and then really got hooked. There are some true gems to be had in the ballads — “Ghosttown”, “Messiah”, "Joan of Arc”, “Inside Out”, and “Wash All Over Me” I’d rank right up there with some of the best tracks Madonna has released since the “Ray Of Light” album.
  • AWESOME!!!

    By MariahCallahan
    Love the new songs & sound!!! Watched Jimmy Fallon the other night and watched her performance of B**** I’m Madonna on the show, it was AWESOME!! Loved it!! Kudos to Madonna!!
  • From a Leader To a Follower

    By Madfor80s
    It is sad that nowadays Madonna relies on the help from younger, more popular artists all for the heck of being relevant . Music wise : there is nothing new or even good about this album, it sounds forced, and full of cliches.
  • Rebel heart

    By misha's daddy
    I love her and I don't think this album is not bad at all. The more I listen the more I like it. It album is totally out of her normal style this is something out from her usual this is Madonna.

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