Rebel Heart Tour (Live) - Madonna User Reviews

  • Great album!

    By SergeiZalesov
    Loved it!
  • Meh...

    By Rispolio
    The highlight of the concert for me was when she performed "Love Don't Live Here Anymore", I was looking forward to a full live album but we got a choppy, overproduced product. I'll always be a huge fan, but I wish she would retain creative control when it comes to her live albums and videos.
  • This tour made me like Madonna again.

    By Ozzyinfl
    Keep this up Madonna. Ghosttown love that song.

    By android4512

    By Trebor[*]
    Like no one before or no one after. Madonna is simply the definition of MUSIC. A true genius. Often imitated by the many which have followed but never duplicated.
  • She's a bitter jaded has-been.

    By CalebB1984
    Such a hypocrite. Gun violence and simulated animal cruelty in a show that starts out with her talking about starting a revolution of love. I went to this show (which was a terrible waste of money), and she sounded NOTHING like this live. It's obvious they edited and cleaned up (attempted to anyway) the vocals to make her sound better. Sometimes you can hear the album vocals and her strained live voice at the same time. In trying to cover up how bad she is she made herself look even worse.
  • Fun concert, bad recording

    By Rgdhbjgjnk
    Put simply, the concert was great but these tracks do not sound good. The vocals are poorly recorded. The live concert sounded better than this. I'm not sure what happened.
  • Queen of Pop

    By joancrawford04
    Call me when you favorite female singer is dancing like this and selling out across the globe. Cause there ain't any other femal artists doing what Madonna doing is at 60. And don't give me Cher - she is proped up with a stick at Vegas barley moving.
  • Rebel Heart has heart!

    By JohnPalys
    This tour (just like every other M had created) is an incredible feast for the senses. A complete spectacle that you will never forget. Of course its always nice to have an extra little reminder in the form of this album. #RebelHeartsForever !
  • She is MADONNA

    By Raistlin/
    She knows how to put a show together... she knows how to be the one and fill the show.... just buy it, that's it...

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