Reboot - Brooks & Dunn User Reviews

  • Why?

    By hoppermc1
    Why try to make good country into this? We don't need our classics ruined by new country.
  • Awful

    By djdave
    I have seen these guys in concert countless times and listened to them since the beginning. This is the worst album they've ever done. I'm sorry guys, really am - but this is just terrible.
  • Something for everyone

    By TJJCountryMusic
    Don’t see why some are complaining. Pop remixes for those who like that sort of thing and country covers for everyone else. Love their music either way.
  • love ittt

    By himynameiskarl123
    I love this album so much!!!! It’s so good💓
  • Could have been better

    By All bout guns
    I grew up to listening to Brooks and Dunn a lot. I like the idea of the collab with newer artists but the originals are probably the best. The Luke Combs song is amazing. Most of these songs are but some of the artists have a different style that just hurts the enjoyment of the original songs, like the Brett Young one. Overall great job to Brooks and Dunn on their new album.
  • A Great Album Overall

    By AmericanOutlaw76
    While there were a couple songs that weren’t great, most of them were pure country. Can’t beat Luke Combs and Ashley McBride. However, Red Dirt Road with Cody Johnson was the best out of all of them. Not gonna lie, it was better than the original. 5 out of 5
  • Loving it!!

    By gemsbysky
    Haters can just hate and go listen and still complain about something else. Many just hate on B & D. Whatever !! Myself... just enjoying a true reboot of some true classics from two amazing and talented Country Music artists!
  • Terrible

    They ruined Brooks&Dunn’s songs. This Neon Moon remake sounds horrible. I would’ve rathered a new album and new songs sung by Brooks & Dunn
  • Neon Moon

    By Sandlin J
    😍so freakin good
  • Great music don’t be negative

    By cathy539_123
    I love Brooks & Dunn! Ronnie Dunnn’s music is outstanding! They made an awesome duo and band for many years! This isn’t the way these original songs were sung but it’s a great remake of them! Very special group! 💕

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