Red (Deluxe Edition) - Taylor Swift User Reviews

  • Sososo good

    By austin13400
    best album ever
  • My Favourite Taylor Album

    By CarleySparkles
    Absolutely incredible.
  • Red

    By Aelita hopper
    Sounds Perfect <3
  • I freaking LOVE this album 😍

    By Jsa1192
    This is the album that REALLY made me a fan of Taylor's. I've always enjoyed her songs on the radio etc but once I heard the lead single from 'Red' I just had to check it! Boy am I glad I did because it is an AMAZING album from beginning to end! SO many good songs that I still listen to constantly (even daily) from this album like: State Of Grace, Red, I knew you wee trouble, 22, I Almost Do, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together & The Lucky Ones just to name a FEW, but like I said previous the entire album is amazing from beginning to end! I am also super happy iTunes FINALLY has released the deluxe version of this album (although I'm sure they legally has to wait X amount of time since it was originally released as a Target Exclusive Only deluxe album) which means no other stores other than target can legally sell it sadly... But I'm guessing that deal/contract expired because the album is now available to ALL who weren't able to pick it up in time to get it at a target store & I'm beyond happy about that! Now you get 6 additional songs on top of the standard 16 which means you get 22 songs total 😁 3 of the bonus tracks are new/unreleased songs & the other 3 are acoustic/demo version of songs already on the album (but nonetheless amazing songs) so if you don't have this album already OR did have it but just want the 6 (or 3) new bonus tracks then I highly recommend getting this because you will not be disappointed if you like Taylor! Also if you haven't heard 1989 yet (who hasn't?!?!) or her 2 newest singles 'Look What You Made Me Do' & '...Ready For It' then check them out because I am seriously loving both new songs they REALY grew on me & the music video for the 'Look' song is amazing as well! I have officially been a big fan of Taylor's ever since 'Red' was released & I keep liking her more & more as she releases new albums/songs! I can't wait till 11/10/17 when her newest album 'Reputation' drops I have a feeling it'll be AMAZING like always! 😌😌😌 (P.S. sorry for the super longgg review I guess I got kinda excited & a little carried away, my apologies haha...) πŸ˜…
  • Awesome! 😍😍

    By Biscuit15151515
  • yes

    By Apping addict
  • Garbage!

    By IHateYouSoFrikinMuch
    This is just generic stuff. The only thing that actually had some meaning was Treacherous
  • Finally!

    By mckenzie20
    I'm so glad to finally have the deluxe as a whole set on iTunes! Come Back... Be Here is a gem! I recommend this album to any new Taylor fan!