Red Pill Blues (Deluxe) - Maroon 5 User Reviews

  • Solid album

    By Jeffrey1155
    Only thing i could do without was the 10 minute instrumental on Closure. I didn’t understand that. Rest of the songs are great.
  • Garbage

    By Chevy5539
  • Lit

    By Gahannaboyz
  • Love this album

    By lharriso55
    I listen to this album while running-the instrumentals and lyrics are perfect.
  • Is there even a band anymore?

    By SyFyGuyinMD
    Given you can't hear guitars or drums, only Adam Levine's voice, is there even a band anymore? They used to rock it, now they sound so douchey that it's simply disgusting.
  • Trash

    By memegyrl
    When will Maroon 5 wake up and realize that they never had to change??? Overexposed was their last good album, but Songs about Jane was the best. The album description literally said that Maroon 5 IS a pop-rock band. They WERE, but not anymore. Seriously, when will they stop making this mainstream garbage and make meaningful, good music.
  • This is an amazing album! Keep up the great work!!!

    By TerrificReviewer
    Like I said.

    By Build boss
    Best songs “Lips on You” and “Whiskey”.
  • Cmon guys

    By MUziq56
    I don’t think bands should repeat themselves over and over, but each sequential album loses more instruments, incorporates more generic pop, and weakens in lyrical quality from the same band that once wrote Songs About Jane. Changing musical styles is one thing, but sacrificing quality to stay relevant is hard to stomach as a fan
  • Haters back off

    By eurudnrjfj
    This song is absolutely amazing 😉 love it so much. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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