Red - Taylor Swift User Reviews

  • Swiftie forever and always.

    By One in 1 million
    This album is just another wonderful example of Taylor Alison Swift’s wonderful singing and song writing. Love you Tay.
  • Best album she ever made!!!

    By ~Linny~
    Taylor brings a country vibe mixed it with pop so elegantly. If you give this album a chance, you will see the beauty in it. Taylor NEVER fails her fans.
  • Sexy

    By top reviews guy
    I don’t typically do/say this but Taylor is seductive
  • Great album

    By swimmer08
    This album is the preguel to 1989, with classics such as All To Well and State of Grace, Taylor blows your heads of with pure lyrical art.
  • Perfection

    By monchelesarfati
    Absolute legend. That is all.
  • WOW!

    By Half belays
    she’s so amazing. country and pop all in one album! only the amazing taylor swift could pull that off (:
  • Art

    By LatinSwiftie
    This album is magic
  • album of the year!!

    By Borhanb13
    this album has a lot of pop songs on it but its still great and i am obsessed with 22!!!! <3
  • Stop, drop and, no just stop

    By guardianscout
    There is music and there is garbage
  • Trash

    By Banacalfalata
    Relationships are two sided. You seriously should consider therapy, not "singing." Stop blaming everyone else for your problems. All you do is whine into a microphone about how unfair life is because you can't get/keep a man. Or you b!tch about your haters. You're not in middle school anymore.