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  • Amazing!

    By Heado88
    Hands down, this is one of her best albums ever!! 💯
  • Great Songs

    By swiftie500
    I love Taylor Swift and her songs. They all have such true deep meanings and they’re my go to songs whether I’m down or happy!!! Keep up the great content!
  • amazing

    By ballingerswift
  • She’s done it agin!!!

    By One in 1 million
    She is such a wonderful and insperational human being!!! Yes it’s different, but it is still awesome!! This album is just another wonderful example of Taylor Alison Swift’s wonderful singing and song writing. Love you Tay.
  • Weird!!

    By Joey Mclune
    Sexy but really weird!
  • Taylor Swift NEW ALBUM, can’t wait!!!

    By A2126
    I’m so excited for Taylor’s new album she’s going to make and Im really looking forward to hearing her songs on this next album she’s going to do. I just can’t wait to hear what the titles going to be on this new album and I can’t wait to hear what the songs are going to sound like but knowing Taylor Swift her new album is going to be so incredible and unbelievable just like always!!
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By djhfkwdn
    Album of the year
  • SO. Good.

    By mo91
    Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with Taylor Swift. She's such an amazing songwriter and her courage and brilliance when it comes to evolving her music, she's a genius. My depreciation comes from her previous lack of privacy and constantly being in the middle of every celebrity feud and changing boyfriends every few months, etc. BUT all that aside, I wasn't a big fan of this album at first. While I again appreciated the lyrics and evolution of the instrumentals, it was hard to appreciate as a whole. I watched her Reputation Tour on Netflix and I think that's what truly brought me back to it. Which brings me to... artists that can perform amazing live shows and deliver something that's far better in person have a higher conversion rate of sales/bringing people back to the original product, which is the recorded album. This album is amazing and especially watching her Behind the Scenes for the album (you can find it on YouTube) was also a really great way to connect with the story behind the album and songs, behind her reasons for creating and changing and really seeing the evolution of her throughout the process. It's great - give it a chance - even if you're not a Taylor fan.

    By I like completly naked chic
    One of my favorites
  • Perfection

    By orangevampire0
    I swear some of you people didn't even listen to the album and just gave it one star because you jumped on the hate Taylor Swift bandwagon or you listened to one song, most likely "look what you made me do" and labeled it as awful because of the so-called capitalizing off the snake rhetoric in the music video because if you actually listened, reputation is and was a masterpiece, every song was more than what you find in basic pop music, which is literally just a million songs about sex, whereas in this album, the lyrics were symbolic and meaningful and the music matched it just as perfectly.