Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin - Various Artists User Reviews

  • What were they thinking?!

    By MusicDude59
    Stick with "Two Rooms", his contemporaries did it better back in '92. This is a travesty.
  • Great, but...

    By Swampcactus
    I love several songs on this album, but Candle in the Wind was just removed from Apple Music and now you have to buy the whole album? This is more than a little annoying.
  • Alessia Cara

    By rjdjxjf
    Truthfully the only good singer is Alessia Cara and the song she sings otherwise the rest is crap.
  • Another one

    By more e
    Why do they keep doing thses types of albums? As far as I've heard through listening, they are always kinda crappy. The sort-of recent release of various artists doing McCartney tunes was the same way. They always sound good when they're announced, but then... This Revamp LP of EJ songs is really bad...I only downloaded 1 song which was the Killers cut. Oh well, that's the recording industry.
  • Love this

    By JRB66
    Great songs with a fresh upbeat style! Not the same way Elton does it but Gaga and Miley are great! One star that others gave it is way harsh!
  • Great Take

    By Joel Bermudez
    No one will ever top Elton’s classic renditions, but this is a refreshing take on these timeless classics. Love it! I can’t stop listening to it!
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 👌👍

    By AlecTwenty
    Demi's Voice is unreal 🔥🔥🔥
  • Why all the negative reviews?

    By BabySeegs
    Personally I find this album really revitalizing. They’re covers, y’all. They aren’t meant to be the same as the originals. Elton John is amazing and beyond talented but this covers are great too. Each artist is extremely talented and they all have powerful voices. Try listening to these songs opinion free first before you come to a final judgement.
  • So bad it hurts

    By Burnplant
    This is the best. It’s so crappy it’s great. Why would anyone do this??? Ha. I’m not even going to click on Coldplay...let me guess it’s a piano ballad version played over earnestly? Lol.
  • Love love love it!

    By Nermal Cat
    If you are a true Elton fan, you would have a copy of Two Rooms released c. 1993 and that album was FULL of top acts showing their mad respect for Elton and Bernie. It’s a great album! Between the haunting version of Sinead O’Connor’s “Sacrifice” and the rocking version of The Who’s “Saturday Night’s (Alright for Fighting)”, no fan should be without that album. Jon Bob Jovi did a great job on “Levon”, “Burn Down the Mission” was perfect for Phil Collins and Kate Bush went all out for “Rocket Man” to make it here. This new album has taken it a step further into the future. I think all of these versions are spot on. No one tops the original (all hail Queen Elton!) but I always love to see how different “the kids” are going to take it. To me, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus and Alessia are all kids probably born after Elton released “The One” album. Anyway, it’s a fresh take on his music. Don’t hate it bc it sounds different; love it because it sounds different. It shows that no matter how many kids are born, their lyrics and music will sustain time. My daughter, Mariah, is not yet two years old and she will know Elton John as Uncle Elton in our house. She will also have Uncle George and Uncle Freddie but will explain to her that they are in heaven. Music is music. If you love Elton’s music, you won’t be offended of this album. The only “artist” that could ruin his music is Yoko. And hearing Yoko singing “I’m Still Standing” would be a traumatic experience for my daughter and myself. Get this album, and get Two Rooms. You will be glad you did.