Rewind, Replay, Rebound (Deluxe) - Volbeat User Reviews

  • Fantastic

    By Blackhawk0223
    Anyone who says this is a bad album clearly can’t grasp the fact that bands evolve and change. So please go listen to garbage bands like behemoth and the god awful Babymetal. 🤢🤮
  • Great

    By StealthyW
    After a couple months of listening, this album really grows on you. If you like Volbeat you’ll like this album
  • Sellouts

    By Rlkcpo
    Like early Nickleback this group found a radio sound and just cant help themselves. Like labron and the NBA when the almighty $ is at stake selling out is easy. This album is the worst.
  • They continue to evolve

    By Wzy83p
    This album is fantastic! I feel the soul in your music. Ever since "Beyomd Hell/Above Heaven" you have made some of the best Rick music my ears have ever heard. This Album is no different. I hope you guys are around forever. You are a legendary Rick band. Thank you for your music!
  • A bit disappointed

    By Ben Wandering
    There are some shining lights on this album, and the vocal textures and harmonies are great, but I wish I hadn’t purchased without listening. It doesn’t live up to the past two releases.
  • Outstanding

    By DeanoUnlimited
    Thought it was a little soft at first. Then i gave the album 10 or so listens.... Give it a chance. Not as hard hitting as past releases but just as powerful. Every song has something to offer. The vocals and the guitar work is actually unreal. No one has mastered the dualing rhythmic guitars like this since Thin Lizzy. And live... Fantastic.
  • Doesn’t deserve the hate.

    By bluemonday1986
    I happen to really like this album. Sure, it doesn’t sound like the older stuff, but it is still straight forward good hard rock that does what music is supposed to do.
  • Stop Allowing Early Reviews

    By TheRealDecoy
    iTunes really needs to stop having early reviews before the full album is released. I’ve been listening to it for a little over a week now and it a VERY good record. I just ordered it in vinyl and it’s been playing in my car nonstop. the more I listen the more it’s because one of my favorites by Volbeat. not one song sounds like the last. that’s very hard to do now a days. I recommend anyone that’s a fan to really listen to this record and stop allowing crap early reviews make your decision for you.
  • Nice

    By ??........!!!!
    When I hear this song I kind of want to chill XD
  • Awesome

    By patriot64
    Really liking this.