Skynyrd Nation - Lynyrd Skynyrd User Reviews

  • Skynyrd Nation

    By Skynyrd nation girl
    As always great music!
  • Copy of God+guns

    By Gus 373
    They just took the songs from God and guns. The songs aren't as good as they were in the '70s but keep trying
  • Love Southern Rock

    By :)- kr!
    Simple Life is a great song. Southern Ways is a great song. They know how to rock. Anyone who says differently is just stupid.
  • awful

    By Karma104
    This album is awful. Generic and awful. I don't know why they're trying to go for that mainstream country sound but it's terrible. This isn't the Lynyrd Skynyrd I know.
  • review

    By fitman30
    this band rocks to there southern roots
  • Horrid

    By FuzzPD
    Ronnie is rolling in his grave. Why even bother to remake the original great songs... Just make your own name johnny and leave the Skynyrd name alone.
  • Crap

    By Rimps
    This isn't southern rock. It's f'n pop country, which is crap!!
  • this, people, is what we call "selling out"

    By Boscha
    Lynyrd Skynyrd has always been a classic southern rock band. this album lacks their flair and everything about it is wrong. go back to playing your old stuff, and forget this attempted mainstream crap.
  • Southern Nation

    By billswildwest
    It's country. It's rock. It's music for the son and the soul, but is it Skynyrd? The answer is "yes" and "no". The Skynyrd sound is there no mistaking it. Skynyrd Nation is what they should call themselves now. The power and the grace of the band will always live on. It would serve the band and the fans better to carry on as the new name. I'd say if you look at it this way, the albums rocks and less comparison to the other live album..
  • Not Skynyrd

    By cybergunns
    Ronnie is turning over in his grave...............

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