Sleepwalkers - Brian Fallon User Reviews

  • Amazing!

    By Suzzzieee
    Brian has done it again. Excellent song writing his voice is like a gift to my ears.
  • The smoking voice

    By thisnthat4845
    Please stop. Your vocal cords are shot. This album is just strained vocals which will only get worse with continued smoking. You can hear the decline from last solo to this. Not sure if there’s any redemption.
  • Amazing album

    By Adamwitz
    Been listening nonstop to this. "Etta James" gets me. I have it on repeat. Great album.
  • Fantastic!

    By RTI1908
    A great album...start to finish!
  • This rocks

    By MagicRat57
    This is pure getcha movin' stuff..... Thanks Brian Fallon!
  • Nice album.

    By bcdx22x
    Let’s give an honest review here. Fallon is a fantastic singer songwriter, always has been. But realize that an artist releasing a solo album typically means they have songs they want to release that don’t necessarily fit the mold of their previous portfolio. I get more of a “Horrible Crows” feel from this album than the “Gaslight Anthem”. Which may be totally fine for many folks. I feel that “Painkillers” was a little more rock and Sleepwalkers a little more ballad. Again, if you like his more mellow tracks, you’ll probably love this. Personally I’ll most likely get the most listening out of “Forget Me Not”.
  • Keeps getting better

    By tom91281
    What a talented song writer. Can’t say enough good things. His music just makes you start bouncing your leg. Follow up album even better than the last. Can’t believe he’s not more popular than he is.
  • Fallon delivers yet again!

    By Mike Decker
    Never disappoints! About 5 songs on this album that I can’t stop listening to. Looking forward to a tour sometime soon!
  • Just Amazing

    By Yrettu
    I don't know how Brian does it, but to consistently put out such great music is unbelievable. Everything he releases feels honest, and somehow familiar without being repetitious. I pre-ordered this album just like I do all his stuff, and I am not disapointed. Can't wait to get in the car, put this album on, and just drive.
  • So good

    By ADoctor(of History)notonTV
    Wonderfullly written, played and produced. Love the key change/guitar hammeirng interuppting the sentence in Little Nightmare near the end. Little Richard like yell of "Stacey" in Forget me Not and that howl yell after the Beatles line is so cathartically good and so hard to reproduce in the car without getitng light headed and drivng into a telephone pole!

Brian Fallon Concert Tickets

Date Details Price
19 October 2018
Friday 08:00 PM
Brian Fallon with Craig Finn
Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, Canada
From $42
20 October 2018
Saturday 08:00 PM
Brian Fallon (21+)
Wild Buffalo - Bellingham, WA 98225
From N/A
21 October 2018
Sunday 08:00 PM
Brian Fallon with Craig Finn
Neptune Theatre - Seattle, WA 98105
From $55
22 October 2018
Monday 08:00 PM
Brian Fallon with Craig Finn
Revolution Hall - Portland, OR 97214
From $63
24 October 2018
Wednesday 07:00 PM
Brian Fallon with Craig Finn
Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA 90069
From N/A
25 October 2018
Thursday 07:00 PM
Brian Fallon with Craig Finn
Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA 90069
From $53
26 October 2018
Friday 08:30 PM
Brian Fallon
Slim's - San Francisco, CA 94103
From $57
27 October 2018
Saturday 07:00 PM
Brian Fallon with Craig Finn
Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO 80202
From $49