Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe) - Imagine Dragons User Reviews

  • Amazing

    By GG042533
    I loved the diversity from gold to friction to battle cry. Keep on doing what your doing
  • Amazing

    By Lucky. J
    Do you ever have a song that just makes you feel so happy and speaks to your soul? If you enjoy that feeling this whole album makes you feel this happiness, I would definitely buy this album again ❤️
  • An Imagine Dragons Classic

    By Onehotfishy
    Smoke + Mirrors is a classic among Imagine Dragons fans, noting how most of the time I see Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors as their favorite ID album (mine is Origins). Smoke + Mirrors is an amazing piece of artwork to be cherished by Imagine Dragons fans for years to come.
  • Awesome

    By Trench dude
    This is the best album. SO Awesome. I can't stop listening to it!!!!!

    By Spottedleaf_3
    I love you guys so much and want to see you in concert someday!! My favorite songs in this album are Smoke and Mirrors and Warriors. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Dream

    By Imagine Dragons Xprt
    I love the song so much it's stuck in my head all day and I never get sick of it!!
  • My favorites!

    By KryztalKat
    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ARE THE WAAARRIIIORRRS WE BUILT THIS TOWN Warriors, Battle Cry, Gold, I'm So Sorry, and Friction (along with Natural but that isn't here) are all my favorite Imagine Dragons songs, and this album has it all! Too bad I don't have any money ;-;.
  • Their best album

    By Music listener ;)
    The pain, the hope, and the fall is definitely all felt through this album. It’s a grower but well worth the listen. The standout tracks for me are: Smoke + Mirrors, Dream, and Shots.
  • Simply awesome

    By comment now
    Yup it’s soooooo cool!!!
  • Top of the line

    By dudh bdixbd j
    Awesome band and another great album