Southern Blood (Deluxe Edition) - Gregg Allman User Reviews

  • Southern blood

    By Seven Cities Blues
    Gone gone gone. Man ,living with the loss of his brother took its toll on him Over the years . In the end he held his head up and went out with a very strong effort with the help of some great musician friends and the musical direction of Don Was .
  • Too Laid Back For Me.

    By Stonerbeachbum65
    I liked Gregg Allman when he was in his younger years but this album just put me to sleep. Nothing here comes close to "I'm No Angel" or "Midnight Rider". Buy a Greatest Hits of his. You'll be happier.
  • Sad but amazing

    By SouthernHoser
    So hard to lose such a talent as Greg. Glad I got to see him a year or two ago. Love all thse songs. Such openess about knowing what is next and singing about it. Liked his Johnny Jenkins cover, Blind Bats, nice job. Jekins was Otis Reddings driver! A talent that never got his due. Now in heaven with the core of the Allman Bros band. Can only imagine what they're cooking up there. RIP Greg, you did us good, thanks for the music and memories.
  • Sadly, the brothers are back together.

    By 6 string samari
    For most of my life the Allman Brothers were a musical backdrop to experiences that spanned the 70’s, to this year. The music inspires me each time I pick up a guitar though my talents pale in comparison. But the brothers are finally reunited, and hopefully the jam will still be going on when I get there.
  • Excellent but sad. RIP my brother.

    By BingoTc
    Can’t believe he's gone. Great final collection. A must have for Allman fans. Beautiful way to say goodbye. Thank you.
  • Superb album.

    By Coe44
    An excellent farewell. You can tell that he poured all he had into this album. In my opinion, his best solo album along with the classic Laid Back.
  • all the years

    By bobkatmsu
    Have followed the ABB since the beginning. I owned a club in Clearwater, Fla and he played there one time in the mid-80's. It was not a great time for Gregg but you could still hear the magic and I will never forget being able to meet and spend some time with him. Fortunatley I had the opportunity to see him at the Wuanee Festival several times with Derek Truks and Warren Haynes, when the band was great again. Never be foregotten, the music will live on.
  • Appreciation

    By THE Megalodon
    I've been a fan of the Allmans for many decades (yes, I'm 58). Gregg's voice and songwriting are among the greatest ever. His untimely passing hurts, however this final musical gift really showcases his incredible talents. Whether you enjoy blues, southern rock, boogie, or honky tonk, there's something for just about everyone who can appreciate a master at his craft!
  • Sad yet joyful

    By Mgcola
    An amazing conclusion to an incredible career. A great collection of songs ( mostly covers) that Allman sings perfectly. But knowing that he made these choices,knowing the end was near is so sad. I read he always wanted to cover Jackson Browne's Song For Adam, because it reminded him of his brother, Duane. Producer, Don Was said it was the last song Allman recorded and rightly so, ends the album.
  • Grand Finale

    By Foxot
    I think Gregg would be justifiably proud of Southern Blood. Good listening. Hope he and Dwayne are together again.