Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) - Taylor Swift User Reviews

  • OMG

    By austin13400
    all my fantasies included
  • I love Taylor

    By Jen hutchins
    I became a fan years after this came out. But I recently bought it and love it as much as red & 1989
  • p e r f e c t i o n

    By sofgrus
    p e r f e c t
  • great

    By Aelita hopper
  • <3

    By swimlady21
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    By Biscuit15151515
    I just love these songs. Taylor Swift may write songs about previous boyfriends a lot, but there is nothing wrong with that.. each song she is sharing a piece of herself and I find that to be amazing. It’s so sad to hear all the crap that people say about her. I find her to be a great person! Love you!!
  • Amazing album! 😍😍😍

    By Jsa1192
    I love this album! I swear Taylor just gets better with each album she releases ('Red' & '1989') are no exceptions either! My TOP fave songs on this album would probably have to be:'Innocent', 'Better Than Revenge', 'Mine' & 'Haunted' they just never get old to me 😊 I am glad iTunes FINALLY released the entire 'Target exclusive Deluxe Version' as one whole album/package instead of just releasing some of the deluxe tracks "here & there" because it feels more complete to me 😜 especially for those who weren't able to get the target deluxe version in time before stores stopped carrying it, like me for example... πŸ˜• BUT I can't complain because I can now finally own the ENTIRE deluxe version of 'Speak Now' in my iTunes library πŸ˜ƒ I have been listening to all of her past albums in preparation for her newest album 'Reputation' which drops on 11/10/17 & I couldn't be more excited for it either! The 2 songs already released from the album 'Look What You Made Me Do' & '...Ready For It?' are amazing songs & have really grown on me! I think this is going to be another amazing album from Taylor Swift just like all her previous albums, especially '1989' & 'Red' 😊❀️😊❀️😊❀️😊 P.S. if you decide to get this album or Red/1989 I HIGLY suggest getting the deluxe version as the bonus tracks are AMAZING especially on 1989 (New Romantic for example) that's just my opinion though, the standard versions are still great they just don't feel as complete to me personally now that I've heard the deluxe versions, but that's just me lol! 😜
  • μ—­λŒ€ 틴에이져 νŒμŠ€νƒ€ μ—¬μžκ°€μˆ˜ λΆ€λ¬Έ μˆœμœ„.

    By LheΓ©i-LhaΓ₯iHyiunn.
    1. 크레용팝. 2. λ ˆλ“œλ²¨λ²³. 3. μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€. 4. 티아라. . . . . . . 10. ν…ŒμΌλŸ¬ μŠ€μœ„ν”„νŠΈ. 21. 샴푸. 1255789. 머라이어캐리. 1124674214678. νœ˜νŠΈλ‹ˆ νœ΄μŠ€ν„΄. 1467431135678865422. 루이 μ•”μŠ€νŠΈλ‘±. 1478865443578887766887. 에미넴. 14897654432135677888798. 마이클 잭슨. 14897654432135677888799. ν”„λ¦°μŠ€. 14897654432135677888800. λΌμ΄μ˜€λ„¬ 리치. (μ΄λŠ” λΉŒλ³΄λ“œμΈν„°λ‚΄μ…”λ„κ³Όμ˜ μ‚¬μ „λ¬΄ν˜‘μ•½μ— μ˜ν•œ 인λ₯˜μžμœ κ°€ν˜Έ μ‚°μΆœ κΈ°ν›„μžλ£Œμ— 근저함, 비평가 μ΄λΌν˜„. λΉŒλ³΄λ“œμ§€λ§Œ 무단 λ³΅μ‚¬λ³΅μ œλ°μžλ™μ‚°μΆœ λΆˆν—ˆ, μ—„κΈˆν•¨)
  • Amaaazing!!!

    By Tiny wingerz
    Taylor swift is toooo good! This album really is more than I expected it to be. My favorites are Enchanted, Haunted, and Long Live. They really complete the album.
  • Her best

    By mckenzie20
    May be her best!

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