Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version) - Selena Gomez User Reviews

  • ~~People Need To Calm Down~~

    By ☺️Deadly_Roses☺️
    Liked I say on the top of my Reviews Bar Section...People needed some help on there Sentence of there Behavior on this Social Reviews Pages like seriously this isn’t a time to go off on a Singer or Songwriter these Days it getting annoying and out of hand!!! Like I saw on Camilla Reviews Pages people were going off on her because of “using different sound” it really is just Music everyone don’t need some dramatic words to make a changes on really is un-Healthy to do that acting like you could or can do better then them lol 😂 It very common sense to this year and beyond of other Years of our life like for an example if people want to make there song more classic they can do that or if they know that they’re missing something up beat sound to there voice to make it seem to be a Masterpiece (if you know what I mean 😉) sooo shout out to Selena Gomez she gone from being a Teen actor to a Singer songwriter Musician Women I mean that something right there to say salt it 🔥 Thank for listening to my Reviews Pages have a great Morning Afternoon Evening 🥰

    By Victoria345664
    My fav songs album birthday, come and get it, Slow down , and B.E.A.T
  • To Selena

    By momololo6
    My family loves your song so much we love it 😍 bye 👋
  • Fun

    By Fredy Sanchez
    Save the day is my favorite on the album
  • XXz

    By Brandenisawesome
  • Bad

    By Mrs. Pink Unicorn
  • Selena is the greatest

    By Sydney Mc.
    I almost downloaded every song on her album! She is the most best singer of all time. I used to like her from wizards of a Waverley place when I was a kid😭💖 but this album rocks!

    By PhasP
    Heart wants what it wants
  • Selena Gomez

    By T1Steve
    The best songs from Selena Gomez is number 1.Come & Get It and number 2 is Slow Down and number 3 is Birthday and number 4 is B.E.A.T.
  • Cool way to grow up

    By Cool Taylor pop
    Love Selena and how she is maturing with her music. But this album I don’t feel any of the talent. All I see is Selena overdoing herself with her songs not many of the songs sound heart felt . I feel like rival a lot better then this . Come & get it is my favorite. Selena is so sexy still a fan of her and her music.