Starting Fires (Acoustic Version) - Emma Hewitt User Reviews

  • Best EDM voice

    By Ona_mish
    Omg I LOVE this album! So worth it. First album I've ever bought on iTunes and I can't get enough of her angelic voice.....
  • Absolutely amazing!

    By Mick Ortaleza
    Emma you have the most angelic voice. Thank you!
  • A&B, now Emma?

    By Garrett Q
    I do enjoy the acoustic versions, I just don't feel like they "add" anything though. Interesting concept, similar to A&B's new album, but theirs has a whole new feel to it unlike this. Y'know, with all these acoustic albums coming out, I'm wondering if we trance lovers even like trance anymore, or are we moving away?
  • Emma Can Do No Wrong

    By mikeygoestohollywood
    "Burn the Sky Down", Emma's first (and PLEASE DEAR GOD LET IT BE THE FIRST OF MANY) solo album is absolute perfection. "Starting Fires" is the absolute perfect third companion to both the original "BTSD" album and its remix album. Emma has offered up so many fantastic kids with this album, and believe me, her fans are beyond grateful. This collection of stripped down and live songs is sheer beauty, start to finish. The live stuff shows off just how beautiful Emma's vocals are without all the studio magic behind them. The true gems though are the strings mixes of "Colours", "Miss You Paradise", and Emma's absolutely breathtaking collab with trance genius Dash Berlin. There is too much beauty to go into with each of these songs, but if you're a fan of Emma or this is your first introduction to her, "Starting Fires" is a necessity. Love.
  • Best of 2012

    By kevntoo
    Emma can do no wrong! I have loved her voice since Missing Hours, and she just gets better. So deserving of wider recognition! Thank you for another stunner, and know how fantastic you are!
  • Fantastic!

    By Madmeninvienna
    Great songs... mellow-fied! Emma Hewitt = the best vocal artist of 2012! Be sure to check out the videos! Awesome.
  • great

    By Dj NRAY
    Fantastic ...
  • Excellent Job Emma

    By Mel24p
    i love Guitar sound but Piano is also amazing. PREORDERED already. time to relax on bed before asleep.

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