Stranger On the Shore - Acker Bilk User Reviews

  • Stranger on the shore

    By Burnmeonce
    Thank you Captfantastic. You're 100% correct that this is not the original. I looked up Acker Bilk with Leon Young string chorale and it is the original. Thanks!
  • Another iTunes "Bilk"

    By SteveAtPawleys
    Ripping people off.
  • Not the original Stranger on the Shore

    By captfantastic
    That is on "Stranger on the Shore: featuring the Leon Young String Chorale", also available from iTunes. Also "40 Instrumental Hits (sounds of the 50's era)" All the others are re-records. This was my fathers favorite song and I've heard it more than a thousand times and would recognize a fake ANYTIME.
  • Only one track worth owning

    By drhakala
    Stranger on the Shore is the only track I enjoyed. The rest are 1960s elevator music on clarinet, with minimalist orchestrations.
  • Still not the one!

    By Desert Willie
    There are many decent versions of Stranger on the shore by Acker Bilk but the one that hit big in the 60s has a distinct sound that triggers a flood of memories in your brain. I suppose it is a Pavlov type of thing but who cares, when you hear the original it causes those memories to unlock. Imitations do not have that effect. You would think record companies would have figured it out by now. Unfortunately this is still not the one.
  • two things

    By bob bobblaw
    released in 1961 with "Hey Jude" on it . . . . . . plus, I don't think this is the original "Stranger on the Shore" . . . . . and of course the pompous "Mister" before his name . . . . . . . not much has changed in 40 years . . . . .

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