Strauss: Waltzes - Robert Stolz & Vienna Philharmonic User Reviews

  • The recording is terribly over modulated

    By bzuzga
    I’m not sure what went wrong, either during recording, editing, or encoding for iTunes, but you probably won’t hear it in the preview. It is most noticeable from the brass instruments. I agree with another reviewer, find a different recording of this wonderful piece.
  • You should buy another version of this song, NOT THIS ONE

    By Free-thinker
    I really like this song, thanks to Bugs Bunny! This recording is of poor quality, despite the plus symbol. It sounds like a bad cassette. I bought it and I'm going to delete it and buy another one... Perhaps the one from the album, "The Only Classical CD You'll Ever Need".
  • schmaltzy reorchestrations

    By eagleboy
    Robert Stolz was highly gifted as a conductor and composer of light Viennese music but showed horrible taste in revising the orchestrations for these pieces. Johann Strauss II's own original orchestrations can't be surpassed.

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