String Theory - Hanson User Reviews

  • Wonderful

    By allystoner
    Such a wonderful addition to the Hanson collection.
  • Amazing & Different ♥️

    By AshleyGranger0
    This album is amazing! The orchestra gives all the classic and new songs a different feel while still remaining very familiar! It’s a beautiful album! I’ve seen this show live 3 times now and plan to see it a few more! I can’t get enough!
  • Absolutely Incredible!

    By *cRaZyBeAuT87*
    Enough said.. See for yourself 😊
  • Amazing!!!!

    By Fahuguguys
    Have been a fan for 20 years and they just keep getting better! Absolutely love this album!!
  • Amazing

    By Schoolin'thekids
    Almost everything about this album is amazing. I was slightly disappointed that a couple of songs aren't new recordings, they are just the originals with the symphony part added, but it's not enough to knock it down to 4 stars. I really love that most of the songs are just really positive, life affirming songs. You walk away from it with a fire in your heart. I feel like they could've left mmmbop off of it. I know they feel some sense of duty to their fans to add that in wherever they can, but you can tell their heart really wasn't in that one. I love how many more songs Zac is leading now. He has such a powerful voice.
  • My Boys

    By Smalls8752
    My boys did an awesome job on this I normally don’t buy cds anymore but I had to get this one
  • Lovvvvvve

    By LinzyFMills
    Way to go guys, this is amazing! I really hope you do another string theory tour, I had a baby 4 months ago and couldn’t get to one of the shows.
  • I absolutely love it!

    By Brittpav
    This album is huge, and full of so many beautiful tracks. Reaching for the Sky (Part 1), Tragic Symphony, Siren Call, Me, Myself, and I, and No Rest for the Weary ... they’re amazing! A few of the songs such as MmmBop and I was Born just sound better the way they were originally recorded (in my opinion), hence the four star review. I love the story they tell, I think their work, and this album, are exceptional ... and absolutely the best yet. String Theory was a fantastic show to see live, and the album didn’t disappoint either. Great work from great people!❤️
  • So good

    By ellecat25
    This album is so good! One of their best.
  • Perfection

    By treehugger513
    For a Hanson fan, this ablum is PERFECTION. For a non-fan, this is album is a glimpse into the immense talent of these brothers. This is proof that they are more than MMMBop (though, that is included on this album). David Campbell is an amazing! He took songs I alreayd love and made them better. Thank you, Hanson. Thank you David. This album means the world to me.