Stronger Everyday - Jon B.

Stronger Everyday

Jon B.

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2005-04-13
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2005 Edmonds Entertainment Group under exclusive licence to Sanctuary Records Group Lt

Jon B. Tracks

Title Artist Time
Everytime (feat. Dirt McGirt) Jon B. 5:05 Download Sheet Music
Lately Jon B. 3:25 Download Sheet Music
One More Dance Jon B. 4:49 Download Sheet Music
I'm Right Here Jon B. 3:24 Download Sheet Music
Hands On U Jon B. 4:07 Download Sheet Music
Patience Jon B. 4:38 Download Sheet Music
What I Like About You (feat. B Jon B. 4:25 Download Sheet Music
Pt. 2 (feat. Tupac Shakur) Jon B. 4:02 Download Sheet Music
Stronger Everyday (feat. Tank) Jon B. 4:01 Download Sheet Music
Through the Fire (feat. Scarfa Jon B. 5:51 Download Sheet Music
What in the World Jon B. 4:09 Download Sheet Music
Az U Jon B. 4:14 Download Sheet Music
Multiple Jon B. 5:23 Download Sheet Music
Lay It Down Jon B. 4:20 Download Sheet Music
Before It's Gone Jon B. 5:04 Download Sheet Music
Everytime (feat. Beenie Man & Jon B. 4:15 Download Sheet Music
Lately (Mastermind Street Mix) Jon B. 4:02 Download Sheet Music

Stronger Everyday - Jon B. Lyrics

(Feat. Tank)

I don't wanna think about ourselves back in the days
When we was innocent, just two playin' games
Before all the shows and the tours
Before celebrities and people gon' crazy
Before I got my shine and got paid
I still think about the prom
I picked you up at your mom's with your white dress on
Big shot in my pop's truck, we sped away
Said I know things have changed, it ain't the way it used to be
We used to cut class and take life so easy

I don't wanna think about that lovin' I can't do without
I just wana love you everyday
Even if it still ends up your too fed up and your movin' on
Still grow stonger everyday

Used to be drive-in movies
Now it's flat screens and Jacuzzi's
Videos and video groupies
But that don't mean a thing without you
All the ice in the world couldn't buy me
None of that old school love
I remember like Mary J.
And I wish things could go back to being that way

I don't wanna think about that lovin' I can't do without
Miss ya like Sunday mornings, family cookouts, playin' cards
And even if it still ends up your too fed up and your movin' on
Hey, miss ya like water fallen from the sky on my face

Just trying to move on but I ain't that strong
I still think about the way we were
Before the presidential suites and mink furs
It's all enough to think about it
Even I'll learn to do without it, oh yeah
Oh baby I, baby I'll be all right, be all right without you

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  • Amazing

    By Prodigia
    This album was amazing, definitely one of my favorites!

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