Taylor Swift Karaoke: Red - Taylor Swift User Reviews

  • Cool😃😃😃😃

    By Angelstar616
    Does it work on a karaoke machine???? Thanks!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Madie_13

    By Madie_13
    Im so in love with this album! Not only is all to well hands down Taylor's best song lyrics yet it is also my favorite song of all time. Not sure if anything could possibly top this! Very proud of you Taylor keep up the great work!
  • Good idea

    By Alejandhro
    Now her fans can sing like her GREAT IDEA!!
  • Pretty Great!

    By xxxjillianxxx
    The description says "Karaoke" but it has background vocals. Not so bad, but its not the best one i heard
  • Not country at all

    By Queen Squidney
    This isnt country. I loved her old albums. Those were the ones that actually sounded like country music. Im sorry but she completely went to pop music and her new songs arent good. :(
  • Background Vocals Ruin It

    By TexanTim1
    As Claudio said, these tracks are not fully instrumental and include background vocals. I totally agree that it's very close to having the original song. Many would prefer just the instrumental tracks, I definitely would. Cannot recommend this album to anybody, unfortunately.
  • I lovw it!

    By Emma Roxx(:
    i just listen to the music and hear her beautiful back up voice

    By Limiter tunic
    Don't waste your money and get this like I did. All it gives you is the main middle part not the words in the beginning I wish the wouldn't rip people of like that but it's the cruel world
  • Red Album

    By Carley Carls 22
    I love this album!!!! It's really good!!!!
  • Taylor swift

    By Rosé girl1631
    I love her she is awesome I love her songs too!!! I want to be just like her