Temple of the Dog (Deluxe Edition) - Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog (Deluxe Edition) - Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2016-04-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 25

  • â„— 2016 A&M Records

Temple of the Dog (Deluxe Edition) - Temple of the Dog Tracks

Temple of the Dog (Deluxe Edition) - Temple of the Dog User Reviews

  • Chris Cornell-G.O.A.R. RIP!!!!!

    By Slim Daddy 69
  • Rip Chris Cornell

    By King Teabag
    God bless your family and thank for the great music. 😔
  • Why only a deluxe edition?

    By pholly
    I just want the remastered album, greed isn't a good thing. It's amazing that record companies don't understand stuff like this causes piracy.
  • Wow

    By jpizze
    They don't make music like this today .
  • Cornell is a legend

    By Timber's review
    Greatest album ever made!!! Chris Cornell's voice is beyond amazing.
  • There are no differences to the original.

    By lklklklklklklklklk
    Just like with Jack White's recent release The Accoustic Recordings 1998-2016, there is very to extreme little differences in all the tracks. I have everything that Jack has done with Meg White, The Racontuers, & The Dead Weather, i skipped on buying that, as i'll skip on buying this, since i have the original when it was released 15 years ago.
  • Dec. 25 CANNOT come soon enough!

    By olpwwedude
    I have thousands of albums...LITERALLY (CD's and MP3's)! Temple of the Dog IS MY FAVORITE LP! I asked my mom for the "Super Deluxe Edition" Box Set for X-mas and she Pre-Ordered it. I CANNOT wait! If you like ANY Rock, BUY THIS!!!
  • Great Rock Album

    By Mongo 2
    This album is a great rock record period. You can call it grunge, seattle sound, whatever you want, this album has everything you want in a rock record. Hunger Strike is unbelievable but so are all of the other songs that were overlooked by many in the 90's. Every song on here rocks and this album ia among my favoriite albums of all time.
  • Worth every penny

    By Neck Deep in Snow
    A great revisit of an important album with enough new nuggets to make repurchasing a must. Some of the demos have an intimacy that matches the subject matter and reinvigorate the songs more than even the original. Worth every penny.
  • Great Remaster!

    By Jacobspaz
    If you loved this band back in the day or even if you're just an audiophile, I recommend buying this. These versions of the songs give a lot of depth and clarity to those listening with nice headphones. Vinyl is good, but this is better.