The Bends - Radiohead User Reviews

  • Anything Thom touches is a masterpiece

    By Stephen Tyler Austin
  • Brilliant

    By csbrown81
    One of my all-time favorites. Such an incredible album, one of the best rock records of the 90's.
  • The Bends

    By Matt Perrins
    Having been a fan from the beginning, I rediscovered them from iTunes recently, as my kids turn to teenagers I need to go back to my tenange years and see if I can cope with what I had heard !!, and basically after a few beers and wine, I was in tears, I remembered when I heard each one of these songs, these guys are up in the top tier of song writers ! love every track and , cannot explain how much I love this band ! proper engineers of music !!! thank you guys for delivering to me albums and songs that influenced my life !!! x
  • The Beginning of a Legacy

    By 101gabed
    The first of many incredible albums from the world's greatest band.
  • Best album ever

    By LochNat
    One of the most inspirational and beautiful albums I could ever see myself connecting with.
  • Classic rock

    By Mobile BS
    Classic, high and dry, fake plastic trees, (nice dream), street spirit, all just vlassic
  • Good

    By mgm0628
    It's pretty good
  • Start Here

    By mike, mack, & brielle
    Interesting story -I'm a semi-serious music fan who managed to live through the last 25 years without paying much if any attention to Radiohead. Heard all the critical acclaim but the doses I came across never really hooked me. Until I was fortunate enough to come across The Bends and 'forced' myself to take the time to listen. Well what I heard was who I always 'wanted' to hear when someone gave me a sampling of Radiohead. This album is high quality top to bottom and is a showcase of the epic musical and songwriting skills of this band in their early years. Highly influenced - Bowie, Talking Heads, REM - but very much their own. This album will pull you in and open you up to what in a very short time period I have come to appreciate is a band that deserves an unparalleled place in music history. This is their most accessible work but arguably their best. Sure OKC takes things to another level and if you love KidA good on you - but for straight ahead digestible rock this is Radiohead at the top of their game, which I have come to understand is as good or better than anything else out there. If you've never heard this just buy it now, turn it up, and by your 3rd time through I promise you will be a lifetime fan of Thom and Radiohead. They are everything you could ask for from a band and more.
  • Full and Beautiful

    By ilovepumpkinpie
    Back in the the year 2000, when downladable music was just a double-leaved sapling poking through the dirt, I began my freshman year at art school. I was 17, completely uncool, and hadn't yet truly discovered "music." My mind was a relatively blank slate, my ideas about love and people in general were naive, and the world still felt very new. Echoes of Radiohead would whisper throughout the dorm, and had to know what this sound was. "You've never heard of Radiohead?" someone scoffed when I asked. Reminds me of my saddest, msot hopeful, most lovelorn days in college, which, in restrospet were actually best and the most free days of my life. Fake Plastic Trees may be my favorite song of all time. I would listen to it on repeat for hours, sometimes all night long while painting with a size 000 paintbrush into the soft gray light of the morning. I miss those days. Life has become a lot busier, a lot more serious, and a lot less free now that I'm entering my mid thirties. This album is a nostalgic, wistful, waking dream when I hear it. Thank you, Radiohead, for sharing such beautiful music with the world. You were the first of thousands of bands I've discovered through the years since that first incredible year of art-making and music discovery. Thank you so much for this perfect album.
  • One of the best

    By Milkmaidman
    Not only is this one of Radiohead's best, but one of the best albums of the 1990s

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