The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden

The Book of Souls

Iron Maiden

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2015-09-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2015 Iron Maiden LLP under exclusive license to Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., a BMG Co

Iron Maiden Tracks

Title Artist Time
If Eternity Should Fail Iron Maiden 8:28 Download Sheet Music
Speed of Light Iron Maiden 5:01 Download Sheet Music
The Great Unknown Iron Maiden 6:37 Download Sheet Music
The Red and the Black Iron Maiden 13:33 Download Sheet Music
When the River Runs Deep Iron Maiden 5:52 Download Sheet Music
The Book of Souls Iron Maiden 10:27 Download Sheet Music
Death or Glory Iron Maiden 5:12 Download Sheet Music
Shadows of the Valley Iron Maiden 7:32 Download Sheet Music
Tears of a Clown Iron Maiden 4:58 Download Sheet Music
The Man of Sorrows Iron Maiden 6:27 Download Sheet Music
Empire of the Clouds Iron Maiden 18:01 Download Sheet Music

The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden Lyrics

Sacrifices buried with kings
Accompany them on a journey with no end
To an afterlife that's rich with fruit of all the gods
And to face the demons of their underworld haunts

The sentient is sent to seek out all the truth
A flight to earth that is a given from his birth
To rise from ashes of the dead
Out of the fire is sent to fulfil man's desire

By power day and night and death he ruled them
The sky and earth and the fires too
Two headed reptile symbol of his reign
Universes of the underworld
A life that's full of all the wealth and riches
Can never last for an eternity
After living in a golden paradise
The ultimate sacrifice

Prophecy of sky gods, the sun and moon
Passing of old ways will come true soon
Falling of ages, forest of kings
The search for the truth, the book of souls

The rulers of planets and stars
The power of the kings of traders and the wars
Planetary cycles and the phases of the moon
Is in the document a kingdom they will learn

They were praying to the gods of nature
And were living in the cities of stone
Towers reaching upward to the heavens
Sacred wonders for the world unknown
Make their lives be a mystery no more
Records kept and the passing of laws
Sacred gods to the book of lies
When a civilization dies

Prophecy of sky gods, the sun and moon
Passing of old ways will come true soon
Falling of ages, forest of kings
The lost book of souls, destruction begins

Ascending the throne wearing feathers and shells
He brought back their lives from the void
Alien invasion brings nothing but death
Mass exodus and plant life destroyed

Domain of the earth to the journey of truth
The underworld caves mayan slaves
Defeat of the dark lords, the ultimate proof
In the place where the ancestors rule

The book of souls

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  • Terrible

    By Papi1389438
    Worst maiden album ever
  • 👍👍👍

    By Metal $uperman
    This album got me into maiden when it came out two years ago, everything is so great and this is my third favorite album by them. My favorites are if eternity should fail, speed of light, the red and the black, shadows of the valley, book of souls, tears of a clown, and man of sorrows. But the whole album is great. I saw them in concert when they were touring this album and it was amazing. Overall an amazing album for all metal, rock, maiden, and music fans alike.
  • Next level Maiden

    By Chuckotron
    36+ years as a band and still evolving. This album is everything we love about Maiden and more.
  • Like A Fine Wine

    By matrat0911
    I wasn't a huge Iron Maiden fan but I did check them out in concert.... Most amazing show I ever saw.... This band is to Rock what Orchestras are to classical music.... I want everything they have ever put out.
  • This album kicks arse

    By jellikit
    'Nuff said.
  • SWEET 🎸

    By Ugohciysycuovjozfucjovohxtuc
    I just noticed this album came out on my birthday.
  • sweet album

    By Iron maiden fan 4 ever!!!!
    i got front row for the 2017 world tour THIS BAND RULES
  • I.M. Fans ,it's Awesome

    By Scrib's gunship
    If you like good Metal , to relax too work on something or work out or just chill and read a book this is the one ,, and if you can see the book of souls show you'll understand hope they keep producing good music ,, even if they turn into the Eddie , so let's do what we do and enjoy some good Iron Maiden .
  • Iron Maiden Keeps raising the bar

    By SAyia
    I highly enjoyed this album the whole way through. Iron Maiden brings it! Excellenct collection of songs.
  • Best for what it is

    By Wowlqkdickcld
    Best maiden album since fear of the dark

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