The Fame Monster (Deluxe Version) - Lady Gaga User Reviews

  • I love Lady Gaga ❤️😍

    By Sophia Bunny Princess🐰❤️
    I love Lady Gaga! She does it again. Her music is awesome and amazing and incredible! Paparazzi is my favorite song of all time! All of my favorite songs are from her! You should buy this album!
  • GodGa

    By Geez (Gianna)
    still iconic
  • Queen of pop ENTERTAINMENT 😵😵😅😃😄😂😎😫😆😃

    By Cool Taylor pop
    This album is one of gaga best album nexts to the fame part 1 . I used to think I wasn’t going to like Gaga but she honestly really Good at what she does with music, her music videos and her outfits are incredible . She deserves fame for how much work she puts in her music my favs are bad romance, monster, dancing in the dark , telephone, . Don’t get me started how much I am addicted to bad romance. Amazing album my only regret is that she had to rerelease this album and I don’t even know why? Keep up the good work and stop rereleasing your album s .
  • Her best album to date

    By GaGaARTPOP8664
    And that’s that on that
  • Lady Gaga Team

    By MiaTheEmojiGirl
  • Ying and Yang

    By hausofellis
    Pop Excellence in every sense. The way Gaga combined Light and Dark Pop music + visuals + avant garde was just phenomenal. God I miss 2008-2011 days when it was Lady Gaga’s world and we were just living in it. ⚡️👑
  • Amazing

    By Vasilisvas
    No matter how many years go by, this album will be a classic that will go down in music history. Every song is amazing, especially the songs from The Fame Monster. Timeless!
  • Awesomeness

    By mrlemurs7
    I love Gaga and I think this is her best album ever. You will not be ashamed to get this!!! Also in my opinion the top 3 tracks are bad romance telephone and paparazzi
  • Lady gaga

    By israel gomzalez24
    Is the best
  • Wow

    By I love this franchise
    I never thought I would be a little monster poker face was my First Lady Gaga song and it helped me buy all of her albums