The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists User Reviews

  • This is Me! This is Awesome!

    By floridajock
    This is Me! Watch YouTube production workshop with the song. Tears will come. This soundtrack is inspiring and needed. Amazing songwriting and vocal performances! Modern and magical. So glad Hugh Jackman made this film and soundtrack happen!
  • I can’t explain how amazing this is!

    By Catlover5462948
    I recently watched the movie and immediately fell in love with it, especially the songs! Right after seeing it, my family decided it was so good we went back to see it again that same day at the next showing. I really can’t explain how much I love this movie/soundtrack! If you haven’t seen it yet, YOU NEED TO! I had low expectations for the movie at first, but now it is my favorite! The message of this movie is heartwarming. I loved the dancing, and can’t wait for it to come out on DVD or download! 😍 🎥🤩
  • Love the Music!

    By JemDragon
    The movie brought these songs to life and now I can enjoy listening to the songs anytime. One of the best soundtracks I now own.
  • Oh My Gosh!!!!😝🤪🤩😍

    By Cletus727
    When I heard these songs, I had them in my head for a least a week and a half! SO FLIPPING GOOD!!! Like “From Now On” or “This is Me”, I was almost in tears. If someone is reading this, BUY THESE SONGS! So good!😁☺️
  • Awesome 😎

    By Strong Falcon 7
    Just watched the movie and listen to the music and it was amazing! It’s worth buying and seeing it!
  • I just want to get up and dance!

    By chelspberry
    Brilliant! So uplifting and magical- the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a very long time!
  • Love this album

    By Whiskers Kitty Meow
    I love this is me and rewrite the stars this album deserves a award you guys deserve 100 stars
  • What?! The best!

    By Vanetti
    Screw all those below 5 stars! This movie is AMAZING with its soundtrack! Man I will hear this everyday!
  • Soundtrack

    By El4129202
    Amazing I got the whole sound track and it's amazing i just watched the movie and every song is in there!!!
  • Nice music but

    By lucky tuba |-/
    Stop hogging the charts tho 😂