The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists User Reviews

  • bone app the teeth

    By CLohr16
    bone app the teeth
  • Poor Movie, Poor Music

    By Definitely Not Amelia
    The movie itself is lackluster, and only manages to capture the audience through a glitzy exterior and catchy music. When you strip away the glamorous facade, however, the film fails to carry out its basic function as a musical. All the songs but one are essentially top 40 hits that somehow made it into a musical. Not only that, but the film’s moral is disappointing and cookie cutter. “It’s ok to be a freak” is a theme done so often in kid’s media that I’m surprised that this film didn’t air on the Disney channel. I usually love movie musicals and their soundtracks, but this one just threw out all my hopes for a good one in the future.
  • Just pop trash

    By CheriBunBun
    When I saw the trailers for this film, I thought the music was going to be magnificent and epic. Instead we got terrible pop music that just sounded overproduced and boring. There are some great performances here (Jackman, Efron, Zendaya, etc. all do a great job), as well as some mediocre ones, but in the end, this is nothing but another terrible pop album that just happens to also be the soundtrack to a much more beautiful film. Ah well. Also they claim a song is opera in the film, but it just sounds like a Katy Perry song. That is disgusting.
  • Amazing!!!!!!

    By Klara🤙
    I love this album!! I listen to it everyday!!❤️❤️

    By effronfreak
    I loved it so much I saw it and wanted to turn around and see it again!!!! 😜😜
  • Garbage

    By LJC09
  • Love it❤️

    By KittyDancer100
    I watched the movie it was great now having the music is even better!
  • Not Bad

    By James Delarae
    The movie was fantastic, and the music was well-done, but the lyricism in a majority of the songs is horrendus.
  • Awesome

    By Don knots
    It’s a great movie and the sound track is one of the reasons why I love it!!!
  • Dope AF

    By Rock _Bottom
    Love it.

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