The Greatest Showman: Reimagined - Various Artists User Reviews

  • Umm.. Okay 😣

    By TheRecklessLoveofGod
    So... this album was just eh. James Arthur and Anne-Marie killed it and their song was so beautiful. I think their voices really mix well and the live version I watched on “The Voice” was just as good. Everything else was just not as good as the originals.
  • Boi

    By Jisoo's boy
    The Original version is more delightful, and This version sounds very auto tuned
  • Why

    By Flint Smith
    Because it replaced a black woman with a white woman in there talking about rewrite the stars so
  • I LIVE...

    By tjhihs
    P!nK and her DAUGHTER, WILLOW, ONE TRACK following the other, Perhaps the NEW 1St family of music!!! INCREDIBLE!!!
  • Doesn’t hold a candle to the original

    By harrymfa
    Just buy the original soundtrack. This is a soulless, over-produced cash grab.
  • P!nk gets the only star

    By CottonSister
    Original much better!!
  • I LOVE IT 😍

    By isajesssccc
    Don’t listen to any negative comments! The soundtrack is Amazing! I love it love it love it 😍
  • AUTOTUNE GARBAGE . . . doesn't touch the original

    By bmac08181
    With the exception of P!nk, none of these touch the quality of the original. TOO much auto-tune and digitized beats. Even if some of the singers did okay - the backtracks were so overdone. I was sincerely looking forward to this reimagined album with an open mind, and was so devastated by the lack of quality music produced in this album. :(
  • 😘❤️😍

    By harpy13
    Oh my word I can’t believe Pentatonix is in this Along with Kelly Clarkson and P!ATD can this get any better!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Great music!

    By Alex faith ❤️
    I love ❤️ all the songs!