The Greatest Showman: Reimagined - Various Artists User Reviews

  • Look I wasn't impressed

    By Doubletap2008
    I am a music person in general but I especially love love LOVE the greatest showman—movie and soundtrack! This, however, was unnecessary. I know since The Greatest Showman is so popular and frankly AMAZING all the singers want a part of it. But that was their decision, and the original album is still better. Sure, it’s not like they all did a really bad job or something but original is BETTER. Sorry. P!nk did good and Kelly Clarkson tried
  • This is me

    By Awesome cat 2
    I personally love the song “This is me”! It is the song of me
  • 🥰 love it

    By yass queen👸🏼
    This is the best ever I love how Kesha sang this is me and panic at the disco the greatest show plus pink was great and her daughter willow sage hart was great 👍
  • Wow.

    By EAdumb
    I could literally sit here for years and years listening to this.
  • It’s better

    By HuskySnake
    This song is better than the one from the movie “The Greatest Showman”!
  • #amazing

    By dinkydork
    I love the other side amazing
  • Mmm

    By munchkin 7
    I love all of these people but singing these songs?No ma'am!👎🏾💩it’s poop
  • 😞

    By Strong Falcon 7
    Okay the Original was awesome but this...really? Never Enough they should left it alone.
  • YAS!

    By By 🤨
    This extravaganza has impacted our world so much, and made impact more with some of Modern’s artists. But you used some obscure artists, please use more well known so that we can enjoy it To it’s limits
  • love love love

    By Tauresa
    This cult classic has struck again.... more more more!!!! so good!