The Greatest Showman: Reimagined - Various Artists User Reviews

  • I like it but not better than the actual version

    By bardy14
    I recommend the actual version of this album
  • Wouldn’t purchase the whole album, but a few songs for sure

    By Samnblack
    There are certain songs that are really good and some that should have just been left alone. I would not purchase the WHOLE album, but a few tracks from the album for sure.
  • They killed the dynamicism

    By Ciceu
    All the songs sound slowed down from the originals, and it really kills a lot of the spirit. There was just no soul to any of these songs. They sound weak and boring.
  • Amazing!!

    By Dannamarie24
    I love the movie and I love the music by the cast. However the Reimagined album is just as awesome!! Love love love!!!
  • SOS

    By top reviews guy
    This album sent me into overdrive. Except for that 2 year old willow sage hart
  • Rewrite the Stars

    By arsance
    James Arther sounds amazing in his song
  • LOVE IT🎼🎻🥁🎸❤️

    By hermioneisatcharms
    I love this album!!!
  • Willow Sage Hart glitch

    By Voltus V1972
    Great covers. Still prefer original. Weird glitch on my iPhone 6S. Every song shows Willow Sage Hart as the singer.
  • A great show

    By kla-627
    Soundtrack on repeat in my house!!
  • Great

    By arachnidkKing
    Great versions of the original songs