The Greatest: The Number Ones - Johnny Cash User Reviews

  • Get this one.

    By General Nothing
    Unlike many other versions that can be found on iTunes, A Boy Named Sue is not ruined on this album.
  • WHERE'S.....

    By Stealer13
    HURT. Greatest Hits of a Johnny Cash CD, and Hurt should be here. For that reason, it's a 3/5 instead of 5/5.
  • Both visceral and Timeless

    By MatthewMcG
    Blue blood runs through these veins, but an artist is worth of praise on the accolades in music, and no one I feel transcends the boundaries between rock and country quite like the Man in Black. Johnny Cash had talent and touched on themes that resonates and breaches the bounds of culture and age, and for that, the man is forever considered by this 20 something yankee as a Legend.
  • The Man In Black

    By Steven Jones
    It just doesn't get any better than this...........
  • A Legend

    By west tx cowboy
    You cant go wrong buying this album its Johnny Cash, this is REAL country music.

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