The Immaculate Collection - Madonna User Reviews

  • Everyone has to own this album

    By skyhigh
    Love her or hate her - everyone knows a Madonna song. This album is the best
  • Best album of all time

    By joancrawford04
    This is the best pop album of all time!
  • Garbage

    By BrahMigo
    Terrible singer, terrible performer. Don’t be duped into buying this crap.
  • Burn

    By Styx1
    I have thought a lot about burning all my Madonna albums! And I did burn them!!!! Amen!!!
  • Super Selection

    By DigitalActivist
    A collection from a very fav artist. She can dance and she can sing. Best ever Madonna.
  • the best

  • Resume

    By Bubblefly
    Vogue was litaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Once again, iTunes robbed me blind!

    By Aaliyah Russell
    First off, I have owned this album since 2000, so you can imagine my anger when I so happily (and naively) ordered this entire album on iTunes, specifically for "Lucky Star" and "Borderline", only to find out that they are in fact the wrong versions! What's a girl to do? They will not give you your money back, and they could care less about your plight regarding your issue! No one told them to sneak in the wrong versions anyway, but, for some reason, they did! One question remains: how can I purchase the correct versions of they're not available on any other GH's albums or remix collections. This is totally unfair! Either way, I lose. 😔
  • A must have for pop music fans

    By xeguzmanx
    Classic and timeless set of hits when Madonna was in her prime and ruled the charts.
  • Brings me back

    By Xyuppi
    The songs brings me back to the days where “like a virgin” was controversial and kissing a “black Jesus” was an outrage. All the songs are great and a clear example of my youth.

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