The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show - Kacey Musgraves User Reviews

  • Beautiful Holiday Album

    By Pdoggitty
    I absolutely love this album, although the stand out track, for me personally, is I’ll Be Home for Christmas w/ Lana Del Rey. Their harmonic voices sound gorgeous together. Lana’s mesmerizing vocals are absolutely my favorite though and her voice never fails to send me into the dreamy, relaxing clouds above. 🎄
  • ??

    By snippybitchnotwickedwitch
    confusion... why does it say 2007? but overall perfect combination of Christmas music,, so uplifting and really gets you in the Christmas spirit,, Kacey Musgraves is an absolute legend,, we love you!
  • Stan the music man unusual

    By Stan the man!!!
    Worst Christmas CD ever released & I mean ever
  • ❤️❤️

    By 44:::
  • Holiday Perfection

    By QueenSansaStark
    A perfect mix of Christmas classics and original songs. Surprising but good duets. Really hope this comes out on vinyl!
  • Wait hol up

    By Baemax •--•
    Why does it say this was released in 2007 😭😭🤣
  • 2007???

    By fargenbastich
    That would make Kacey 19 and Camila 10!!!
  • I like it - but missing some classics

    By Scott Hibbard
    The nuances of Kacey's voice are on full display in "I'll be Home for Christmas". She has a powerful yet clean vocal presence that many artists today lack. I do wish there were more traditional Christmas songs on the album, as I am sure her voice would make the songs sound "new" again.
  • i didn’t f’n say yee

    By Hayweezy
    Christmas queen of 2007
  • Hot trash

    By HorseOutside!
    Just bad Christmas music