The Legend of Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash User Reviews

  • Omg yes

    By I am a nerd deal with it
    First of all fat cow Shut up. This album and artist is amazing. You hate everything. And you're 85 year old grandpa can't tell you stories about WWI because he wasn't born then. Ho back to the 6th grade. This album is amazing
  • U2???! NO!!!

    By Jainaellis
    There are a few bands that I cannot stand. Coldplay, U2 and Green Day are on the top of that list. I’ve tried to like them, please believe me. I’ve tried with everything in me. I can’t like it. This is another person’s album. Don’t ruin it!!! I think these old country songs are hilarious. I’m a Northeastern Tennessean, and my Papaw likes to play several of these songs on his guitar. We sometimes play together on Sunday afternoons. His favorite is probably “A Boy Named Sue”, which is all the funnier to him, since that’s my Mamaw’s name. But anyway, you should have left U2 out of it. That was stupid.
  • Great

    By 👎🏼or👍🏼 who know????
  • Cash!

    By liliroro
    It's the best of Johnny Cash. Enough said.
  • A Legend!!!

    By Guy from San Pedro
    I don't like country.Johnny Cash is a legend he is also the only country artist that I really enjoy.
  • A good assortment of country classics.

    By Benjamin Whittacker
    Johnny Cash is one of the greatest singers in all of music, so this album is appropriately titled. It contains a fair collection of his greatest hits, and is a steal at $11.99. It misses a few that I'd like to have, but all in all, it's a really favorable purchase.
  • Pure, Johnny Cash.

    By tonyk
    "Rusty Cage" just became my new favorite Johnny Cash song, and and if "Hurt" doesn't give you chills, there's something wrong with you!
  • The man in Black

    By Candygirlcat
    I LOVE JOHNNY CASH!!! I grew up listening to his music!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Amazing

    By Jstrong91
    I bought this a few years ago, and needles to say that this album has a lot of good classic hits by the man in black. Im 24 years old but I grew up to Johnny cash and love all of the songs I heard by him. Walk the line, cocaine blues, ring of fire, rusty cage, hurt being my personal favorites. If you love John R. Cash then this album is a must.
  • A Great Collection

    By jake12190
    This album showcases the best songs from each period in Cash's career. This one of the best collections of the Man In Black's material.

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